Wedding Superstitions

A look into how some of the most popular wedding superstitions became staples in American culture.


Something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue

This tradition migrated to the United States from an Old English rhyme, “Something Olde, Something New, Something Borrowed, Something Blue, A Sixpence in your Shoe”. The four objects each bride carries on her special day are simply good luck charms. The something old represents the bride’s past, something new represents the bride’s future, something borrowed should be from a happily married couple for the luck to rub off on the newly weds, and something blue for fidelity and love.

Wearing a veil

In the Roman era, brides wore a veil to disguise themselves from evil spirits. The evil spirits were thought to be jealous of a bride’s happiness.

Carrying the bride over the threshold

This superstition came about also because of evil spirits but in Medieval Europe. It was believed that brides were extra vulnerable to evil spirits through the soles of their feet and to avoid any evil spirit getting to the bride, the groom would carry her into their new home.

Breaking of the glass

When a Jewish couple marries, it has become tradition to break a wine glass. Now, this has been known to be done for several reasons, a symbol of the destruction of the Temple in Jerusalem, a symbol that they have changed together and will never be the people they were apart, a start to the party, and the number of pieces the glass breaks are the number of happily married years they will spend together.

Jumping over the broom

Jumping over a broom after the “I Do’s” came from African origin and symbolizes the couple is jumping into their new lives together. They are leaving their past behind and starting their lives together.

The color red

In many Chinese weddings, brides will wear dresses or traditional clothing that is red. The color red has been known to be associated with success, loyalty, honor, fertility, and love.

Unlucky numbers

In Japanese cultures, the numbers 4 and 9 are considered to be bad luck. In Western cultures the number 13 is considered to be bad luck. Giving couples money, as a gift should not end with 4, 9, or 13 and other gifts should not consist of 4, 9, or 13 items.

Ringing bells

The Irish traditionally believed that ringing bells at weddings would warn off any evil spirits and ensure a harmonious family life.

Raining on your wedding day

Many may think that rain on your wedding day is a bad omen, but many cultures believe that rain on your wedding day symbolizes fertility and cleansing.

Seeing each other before the ceremony

Many couples believe seeing one another before the ceremony is bad luck. This tradition dates back to when arranged marriages were the norm. Some believed that if the groom saw the bride before marriage and she was not what he expected, he would call off the wedding.

You may wish to continue any and all traditions you find near to your heart. Don’t fret if you want to stray from tradition, this is your day!

How to Fix Any Wedding Day Problem

It’s your wedding day! It is the day you have been waiting for and it’s finally here! We know that you probably have butterflies in your stomach because of all the excitement. We know that no matter what, you will think about your wedding day and love every moment, and even laugh at the moments that you thought would ruin the day.

If you are just about to get married, congratulations! Making sure your big day will go smoothly can sometimes go beyond the wedding day timeline, so make sure to anticipate any issues that may arise on the big day.

Always remember:



You have found that perfect wedding dress so let’s make sure you are prepared for any challenges that may arise….

If your dress happens to be too small, too big or rips, make sure that you have an emergency sewing kit with you including safety pins, white thread, needles of different sizes and white chalk. Yes, chalk! Chalk can help hide any wedding day stain and no one will notice!


More times than not, the wedding rings will come in on time for your perfect day! However, sometimes weather or other events may cause a delay in the delivery. If your rings are not here in time for your wedding it will be okay, I promise! You can ask someone you admire to borrow their ring for the ceremony and when the rings come in, you can exchange them. You could also use a different ring of yours with meaning, like a class ring.

If the ring happens to be too small, do not try to put the ring on. You should only put the ring on as far as it will go without it resisting. If by accident the ring gets stuck, keep calm and do not try pulling the ring off. This will cause your finger to swell. Instead, you can get some floss and wrap it around your finger as close to the stuck ring as you can. This should allow for the ring to be slid off.


This has happened to a bride here at Pats Peak. Luckily the bride’s guests knew this trick and passed on this information to us in case it even happened to anyone else!

Missing Vendor

Justice of the Peace– If they are missing, you probably won’t get someone to legally marry you that day, but you can recruit a guest with strong speaking skills to stand in. You can go down to city hall in the next few days to get officially married but don’t let that get you down; you are here to celebrate your love!

DJ– Make sure to bring a computer/tablet and know the logistics of the room. Many venues will allow you to set up your computer to their sound system so you can play music all night long. Before your big day, ask the wedding venue if you would need any special cords, just in case! 

Photographer– Ask your guests to capture the day for you instead. Now-a-days with cellphones, everyone would be taking these photos anyways. You can always schedule a photo session at a later date for photos in your dress. It will give you another opportunity to get that gorgeous dress on! 

Florist– You can go to a local store to purchase fake flowers or you can buy baby’s breath. It is simple but beautiful and won’t cost a fortune at the last minute.

No matter what happens, your wedding day will be perfect!


DIY Wedding Favors to REALLY Thank your Guests!


Here is a list of some of our favorite DIY ideas that would look GREAT on your table! (Click on photos for instructions)

  1. S’mores Bar Kit


We know how much everyone loves s’mores! This is an easy crowd pleasure that any bride can do even on a budget! (Don’t forget the Pats Peak s’more bar is available too!)

  1. Regional Treats


Regional treats will give your out-of-state guests a taste of the local culture and will allow the locals to remember just how awesome it is where they live! Try some NH made treats like maple candies and chocolate shaped like out beloved Old Man on the Mountain from Granite State Candy Shoppe!

  1. Tea Cup Candle


This is an awesomely easily and beautiful gift! Go to your local thrift shop and purchase old teacups! The crafted cups will add color and style to your décor and your guests will be so impressed!

  1. Pine Cone Fire Starter


This idea will look amazing at any rustic themed wedding! These beautiful fire starters are very clever and they actually work!

  1. Homemade Soda Pop


What could be better than making a soda that fits your tastes, sugar levels, and make your guests love you ever more? Get the kids excited to drink soda pop and their parents excited that it is made with love (or less sugar)!

  1. Caramel Apples


Yum! Caramel  apples are easy and look so pretty! You can even make them gourmet by adding some melted chocolate, candies, and nuts!

  1. Trail Mix


The best part of making your own trail mix is you don’t have to put in anything you don’t like! Trail mix is easy, simple, and delicious! Plus, there are usually leftovers, we say bring them on the honeymoon trip!

  1. Dessert In a Jar


Fill mason jars with wedding cake or your dessert of choice and watch your guests dive in! You can even fill them with dessert ingredients if your feeling more creative!

  1. Homemade Lip Balm


This is prefect for Fall weddings! People love lip balm because we’re always losing them! This way you can even make awesome flavors like strawberry champagne or even pumpkin spice to fit your decor!

10. Cookies & Milk


Who doesn’t love a famous Pats Peak cookie? They make great wedding favors when you have your wedding at Pats Peak. You can even provide special color M&Ms to match your wedding colors.