Witty, Tear-Jerking, and Genuine Wedding Vow Ideas

Now of days, writing wedding vows has started to become more attractive than traditional wedding vows. They can be much more of a personal touch, but when you start thinking about writing your wedding vows, many of us get stuck at one point or another. We love our better half but writing it down with so many words can be difficult, especially if you are not a strong writer but even if you are! However, once you start writing, you can wow your guests!

Before you start writing, talk to your better half and see what direction they are taking their vows. Some couples want a romantic wedding all around, others want their soon-to-be spouse to write as they feel. That’s exactly why we wanted to give you a guide to the trifecta of wedding vow writing, the witty, the tears, and all the feels!

Are you the funny one in the family always making everyone laugh? Or maybe you’re not but want to stretch your talents and show more of your witty side that your bride or groom has only really seen before. When you start writing witty vows, make sure you don’t just have all jokes. This is your wedding day! You should still include emotion in your writing and tell a story of why you love your new wife or husband.

Once you have an idea of the warm material, start thinking about the inside jokes you have together. Are you both sports fans? Maybe you are diehard Boston fans, consider modifying a line from “Sweet Caroline” into your vows.

“I, Adam, take you, Sweet Maria. Good times never seemed so good. I’ve been inclined to believe they never would, but now I know, you always understood.”

Maybe one or both of you are Trekkies (Star Trek fans). Instead of writing a line Klingon that only a few people will know, consider including an analogy of the two of you and the series.

“I, Kate, take you, Sam, I may not have a beard but with this ring, I give to you, is made from a hammer, with this I vow to fight to the death for you, my Kahless.”

Does one of you not know how to cook? Or maybe, one is an adventurous chef that likes to try new dinner ideas that involve cow tongues or interesting looking fish.

“I, Mark, take you, Hannah, I figure as long as you bring me my Bud, I promise I will try to eat your cooking as long as you don’t make me look at it first.”

No matter the interest you both have, the more important part of writing wedding vows to be sincere and genuine. Don’t try to be a couple you are not, but have fun when writing your vows. Keep them simple but make sure to always include some of the best parts of your relationship.