5 Reasons We Love Zola

You’ve made it this far, you can do it! We know planning a wedding is stressful and includes tons of components, one being a wedding registry. Why do you need one? Having a wedding registry allows guests to give you a gift you not only love but many times, need. Couples all have different circumstances. In fact, now of days it’s becoming more popular for couples to have already bought their first home together before they get married. That means that not every couple will be looking for a blender on their big day.

We love the idea of unique wedding registries, we’ve even written a blog post on it before! But we can’t be without a great wedding registry system that allows us to utilize the internet to its fullest. That’s why we were so excited when we heard of Zola!

Zola is an all-in-one registry for the modern couple. Unlike traditional registries, Zola offers the opportunity to register for the best products, experiences, and cash and honeymoon funds. There’s something for every couple regardless of their stage in the relationship! We also offer group gifting and price matching options which make it easy for guests to buy gifts. Once the gift is purchased, the Zola user has the option to ship it whenever they’d like, and even exchange items for store credit or transfer cash gifts.

Reasons We Love Zola

1. Easy to Sign Up & Register Gifts

Opening up an account is free and super easy! It took us only about 1 minute, then we got to start registering, just take a look at our account. The search results are perfect, you can choose the color, brand, price, etc. to find exactly what you want. They even explain why they love each product! They even have registry checklists custom to your needs and wants!

2. More than Just Stuff

One of our favorite parts about Zola, you can create a custom fund for a trip, buying a home, anything your heart desires! Your guests can either give fixed amounts, or they can give a personalized amount, it all depends on your preference.

A local bride, Emily, also raved to us about this feature saying,

The biggest reason we used Zola was that it was a universal registry. We didn’t have to just choose items from a few different stores. We could choose the exact item we wanted without having to register at like 10 places. It just made it easier on us because you can add an item easily to your registry with their Zola extension from your phone or laptop no matter what site you were on (Amazon, Crate and Barrel, Macy’s, Keurig etc).

3. Price Planning, Price Matching, & Free Shipping

Move over Amazon, Zola has your best features covered. Price matching is a staple in the digital world and this wedding registry didn’t forget it! But be quick, they give a 48-hour window for price matching. Free shipping is also available for items that ship by ground shipping.

Zola also include a planning feature that shows a chart of the price of your gifts and recommendations for how many gifts in each range! So much easier than taking it by ear.

4. Custom Web link

When you utilize a traditional wedding registry, you either have to go in store or try to find where the store’s online registry exists and sometimes information about the bride and groom you may not know. That’s why it is so convenient that you are given an easy to use web link for your wedding! Check it out, our is zola.com/registry/patspeak it will fit perfectly on any save the date!

5. Customized Shipping 

That same local bride, Emily, let us know about the hands down best feature to ever come from a registry:

If people weren’t coming to the shower or if a bride was having a shower away from her house, people could choose the option to ship to home but the bride chooses when they should be shipped. Just makes it easier rather than having a bunch of different shipments arrive at different times, I could ship them all at the same time. Or if I were traveling, they wouldn’t be delivered while I was away.


5 Unique Wedding Registry Ideas

First off, congratulations on your engagement! It’s such an exciting time and we also understand the stress that may come along with planning a wedding. This post will focus on unique wedding registry ideas to get you started. One thing you should do before you start your Wedding Registry is to take a look at the best option(s) for your wants and needs. This will help prevent any frustrations that may come along in the process! (Also, feel free to reach out to us for any advice!)

1. Think Local


Most couples use large corporations to create a Wedding Registry because of their easy to use online/in-store services and the wide range of products. Luckily for you, in New Hampshire we have the option to use Nearby Registry.

The concept for NEARBY was dreamed up when founder Allison Grappone got married in 2009. She and her husband were frustrated that they weren’t easily able to support their favorite local businesses through the traditional gift registry model. The couple created their own, allowing friends and family to purchase goods that reflected the couple’s personalities.

They have products ranging from art and travel to the more traditional registry items like kitchen appliances. This service allows couples to support their local economy with the same ease of use as other registry services. Check it out: Nearby Registry.

2. Honeymoon

honeymoonMany couples are already living together in their homes that are stocked up with all the appliances and living necessities. A big expense couples have after getting married includes the honeymoon! Services like HoneyFund and The Honeymoon allow couples to list their honeymoon destination with their ideal experiences. Guests can view what the couple is asking for and buy directly through the site so the couple can have the honeymoon of their dreams!


3. Multiple Stores

The_Knot_Registry_Hero_Image_FrameIf you have tried to start your registry, you know the problems with trying to stick to one store to register with: Either they do not have all the products you are looking for or some products can be found at more affordable prices elsewhere. The Knot heard every couple’s cry for help and created an integrated registry system that allows couples to register products from multiple stores all placed on one buying platform.

4. Buying a Home

imagesSome couples look forward to buying a home together after their wedding. However, sometimes wedding and honeymoon expenses drain their savings account and therefore they have to wait to put a down payment on their dream home. Services like Hatch My House, allow for couples to “design a house and start saving toward a down payment, renovations or home decor in a fun and interactive way.” This way they don’t have to wait to start their lives together in their dream home.

5. Gift Cards

wedding-card-holderInstead of trying to search through different stores to find the things you think you’ll need, you can ask your guests for gift cards to your favorite stores. This way you can buy everything you need, when you need it. This prevents getting doubles for gifts and/or returning any items you don’t actually need. Card Avenue is just one of a few great sites to offer this service!