4 Tips on How to Merge Finances Before the “I Do’s”

It’s easy to get caught up in all of the wedding planning once the big question is finally popped! However, it’s important to not only understand your wedding budget but moreover to understand both your and your fiance’s financial position before you commit … Continue reading

REAL WEDDING: Rustic Elegance

Congratulations to the beautiful newly married couple, Kellie and Adam Moore!

“Adam and I met when we were both working part time at a restaurant. Even though I didn’t want much to do with him (which he pointed out to everyone in his vows to me 😊), he continued to get my attention and once we started hanging out I quickly fell in love with him. It was clear we were meant to be together and less than 2 years after dating we are happily married.”

Are you ready for some #Pinspiration? Kellie and Adam had a beautiful wedding with a rustic elegance theme with a focus on succulents.

Bridal Shop

Kellie purchased her stunning sweetheart neckline gown with a beaded corset and ruffled skirt from I Do, Again in Milford, NH. Her bridesmaids glowed in their knee-length dresses that matched the subtle blue colors of the bride’s bouquet as the men, looking handsome, matched with the same blue in their ties.


Mr. & Mrs. Moore had their flowers perfectly crafted by the experts at Curious Floral. Each bouquet and corsage was handcrafted and the attention to detail is exquisite!


The beautiful couple purchased their simple but elegant wedding cake from Sam’s Club. The addition of the succulents and the dinosaur cake topper brought a little extra light into the beauty of its simplicity.


Hair & Makeup

Brooke Yonge from Paul Edward SalonSpa did a remarkable job showcasing Kellie’s natural beauty with a half-updo and elegant makeup.


Their gusts danced the night away with the help of Chris Brunelle and Party Time Productions!


Kellie and Adam were able to capture each moment of their wedding by the talented, Teri Lynn Photography! Teri Lynn will be the perfect photographer to capture your special day!

Your Guide to a Local Wedding

We are big supporters of supporting local businesses! We love our small community of Henniker, NH and we know the rest of the country relies on their small businesses just as much as we do! Many of our couples will go out of their way to support their local companies when planning their wedding.

Most brides choose to have their wedding located in or near the city they live. However, if you are having a wedding elsewhere, you can still incorporate your local businesses and the local businesses of your destination!

Having the perfect local centered wedding can be easy by asking these questions:

1. Who owns the business I am shopping in?

Finding the owner of the business should be easy enough as going to their “About Me” page on their website. However, sometimes we can’t find the information, or we are unsure, this is when we should send them an email or pick up the phone and ask them! Let the business know you are curious about working with them on your wedding but want to know more about them to see if it’s a good fit!

Also be aware that some businesses may be franchised. This means that the owner has purchased the rights to run the business under the branded name. The franchised business owner is typically local and may very well be a great local business to shop from!

2. Who manages the store I am shopping in?

Even if you choose to purchase from a corporation and not a small business, the money you are spending could still stay local. Look into the employees working for the company at the location you are interested in buying from! Those employees are from your community and shopping in that store does support them.

3. What does this business do to support the community?

If you are interested in working with local businesses, you are probably doing so to support your community! That’s why looking at what the business does for the community can be a great idea of knowing who shares your same values. During your first few meetings, ask them about what they are doing in their community and check your local news source for any leads on locally centered businesses.

Where to Find Local Businesses:

You know you want to work with a local business but how exactly do we find the perfect shops? This comes from looking at a couple sources to find leads. After you find your leads, always make sure to do your own research on the company, this allows you to understand more about their values and if they are the right fit for your wedding!

The Knot

The Knot is one of the most well-known wedding sources for brides today. They are a surplus of information on their site including local vendors. All you need to do is view the local vendor marketplace page to find a list of leads for your search!

Wedding Wire

Wedding Wire is one of our brides top go-to wedding sites! They have lots of fantastic vendors listed on their website to help with any wedding inquiry you can think of!

Your Venue

One the best sources of information if from your venue itself! Most venues have a running list of the most highly rated services their brides have used! We highly suggest using that list above any other because those services have already worked with the venue and will be well aware of the necessities of your wedding!