The Best and Worst Wedding Advice

Asking for advice is an important part of planning a wedding. Many people have never done it before, so we turn to our family and friends to help us make our special day perfect. Even though they are trying to help, some advice isn’t always so helpful.

The Worst

The necessary rituals. The worst advice any bride gets is that something is “necessary”. Whether it be your MIL telling you the candle ritual is necessary, or your wedding planner insisting on ‘the DJ everyone uses’, your wedding day is just that: YOUR wedding day. There are so many details that I thought were absolutely necessary (programs, favors, 3 menu choices) that ended up going unnoticed. I wish I would have known that those things didn’t really matter, and instead focused more on the things that my fiancé and I truly cared about. -Chloe, married October 2015

The details don’t matter. Someone told me that “the details and the look of our wedding didn’t matter”. While I recognized that our marriage was THE most important part of the day, the details, flowers, favors and the overall feel of our wedding was important to me; both because I am a designer and desired a beautiful day for us to remember for years to come, and also because I wanted our guests to feel loved while they were there celebrating alongside us! While the details of your day are secondary to the promises you’re making to one another, they are still important. -Michaela, married September 2016

The must & need. I came to learn that anytime someone started a sentence with “You must” or “You need to” it was most likely going to be some very unhelpful advice. We received plenty of odd looks and various comments when we told people we weren’t going to have bridesmaids or groomsmen but I’m so glad we didn’t let that affect us; it was personally a fantastic decision. Dismiss any of those “musts” and “haves” and focus on what feels right to you! -Liz, married June 2015

The Best

Don’t make any drastic changes to your appearance. You may want to try a new hairstyle but try to wait until after your wedding day. You have to ask yourself, “Would I be happy on my wedding day even if I hated this new style?” Having your classic beauty shine on your wedding and memorialized through the photos may be the best option.

Always ask for help! We know planning a wedding is time-consuming and a lot of work, that’s why leaning on friends and family while delegating tasks will be a lifesaver on your stress levels!

Make sure to schedule a time to be with your guests. We know this is your day and we encourage you to do what makes you the happiest on this day but don’t forget all of those that came to celebrate with you. Take some time and thank your guests at their tables and don’t forget those thank you cards!

Always have an open line of communication with your vendorsFor your photographer, make sure you have a timeline on your wedding day for photos and a list of photos you want the photographer to get. They, of course, will take more photos, but they might not know you desperately want a photo with just you and your Great Aunt Kathy. For your DJ or band, make sure they know your taste in music and even give them a list of songs your want them to play and a list of songs you don’t want them to play.

Check your stress levels! We know you’ve put in countless hours of time into your wedding day but if something does go wrong, take it in strides! Ask for help to fix the problem and just keep moving on, the small stuff isn’t what’s most important today!

Eat and be married! You picked out the perfect selection of appetizers, dinner, and dessert; you deserve to eat it! Take time to enjoy dinner, the good music, and be with your new husband.