Our 5 Favorite Fall Wedding Ideas

The air is starting a become crisp and the leaves are starting to change. That means the start of Fall is right around the corner and the autumn colors will be a focal point of many weddings moving forward. We couldn’t be more excited to see all of these Fall wedding ideas!

Bridal Cover-ups and Jackets

From a button-up flannel to a gorgeous knitted sweater, covering up on a cool wedding day will showcase your personal style while keeping you warm all night! You could even wear your favorite leather jacket or incorporate lace shelves.

Taste of the Season

Fall Drinks

We are lucky to live in a state with amazing apple orchards that make the best apple cider. So, it’s no surprise that many of our brides incorporate apple cider bowls, spiked and unspiked, for their guests to enjoy. A hot chocolate bar is another great option that kids and adults will love! The kids can add in peppermint sticks and the adults can head to the bar to add peppermint schnapps!

Fall Desserts

Cranberries, plums, apples, pumpkin, cinnamon, blackberries, all of the best Fall dessert flavors! You can incorporate these flavors in the different layers of your cake or by choosing cupcakes with multiple flavors! One idea we’ve seen that was jam-packed with flavor was a pie bar! They had apple, blueberry, pumpkin, chocolate cream, you name it!

Fall Favors

You can have your guests leaving with the taste of Fall! Some of the best maple syrup is next door to us at the Intervale Farm Pancake House. You could also gift jams or honey, from NH Honey Bee and Apple Hill Farm.

Fall Flowers

Picking the right flowers can take a lot of thought and effort. What color, what smell, what price? It can all be overwhelming at times! That’s why we suggest looking at seasonal flowers, it will be good for your budget and you automatically eliminate choices from your list! Sunflowers, gardenias, and French tulips are some of our favorites we’ve been seeing!


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Colder Wedding Must Haves

With the weather temperature dropping early during fall wedding season, some brides are nervous about having their perfect wedding in this colder weather. Our New Hampshire foliage and these 10 gorgeous colder weather wedding ideas will make your wedding everything you’ve wanted!

1. Caramel Apple Bar

Who doesn’t love caramel apples? You can purchase decadent caramel apples dipped in chocolate from Van Otis Chocolates right here in New Hampshire! Another idea is to have a bar setup with fresh apples, caramel, chocolate, and all your favorite candies!

2. Hot Chocolate Bar

Nothing beats hot chocolate on a cool Autumn day, so how about incorporating that into your wedding? You could have different hot chocolate flavors, marshmallows, and candy canes! You could even add an option at the bar to have a little Kalua or Amaretto for the adults.

3. S’mores Bar

These are always a big hit at any wedding! Give your guests the warmth of a freshly roasted marshmallow! You can even have different chocolate candy choices to pair it with. We offer a s’mores bar with all the fixings, just look!

4. Apple Cider

We found these adorable cored apples with fresh apple cider and cinnamon sticks! This could also be delicious with some Fireball whiskey! Here at Pats Peak, we offer a warm cider bowl for adults and kids!

5. Maple Syrup

Nothing says New Hampshire more than maple syrup! You could even have a waffle bar with fresh fruit and whipped cream!

6. Autumn Colors

The Knot has compiled a list of the 12 Fall Wedding Colors to Steal! This eggplant, lavender, white, iris, & fern combination is our favorite this season!

7. Complementary Coats

We know you spent hours picking out your gorgeous gown but pair it with the perfect coat for beautiful photos!

8. A Touch of Nature

Use nature in your decorations for a rustic look that warms up the room and atmosphere!

9. The Cake

Everything from the birch styled cake to naked cakes! This gorgeous cake is from Jacques Pastries here in New Hampshire!

10. Keeping a Memory

If it happens to rain or snow on your wedding day, take a vial of the water and place it in an ornament to hang in your home as a married couple!


The Tastiest Rivalry: Wedding Cake VS Cupcakes


Just like you, we have a hard time deciding what type of cake we want at our weddings! Do we go traditional and buy a beautifully piped wedding cake or do we go with the latest trend with multiple cupcake flavors? Let’s discuss both options!

Wedding Cakes:

How many times in your life are you able to design a beautifully crafted, perfectly piped wedding cake? Wedding cakes are gorgeous and designed exactly to your specific liking! Have you ever watched Cake Boss or Ace of Cakes and thought to yourself how fun it would be to talk to the baker about your love story and for them to design your perfect cake? Let’s look at a few cakes from local bakers that we at Pats Peak love!

970638_159044137618250_159503686_n 1070059_158822870973710_1687518587_n

See more about Christopher’s Creative Cakes

page5-1044-full page5-1036-full

See more about Jacques Fine European Pastries 


We all have had cupcake fever these past few years and we see the newest most delicious cupcake flavors on Pinterest and Cupcake Wars. Cupcakes are easy to eat, delicious, mix and match capable wedding desserts. They are also a much more affordable dessert option so you don’t have to go over your budget! You are able to have multiple flavors that allow your guest to find a flavor they love while you and your sweetheart can enjoy your favorite flavors! Let’s look at some awesome local cupcake bakers we love!

1006243_569209383131486_1497793628_n   10301945_729780207074402_7683705602832692374_n

See more about Triolo’s Bakery

page11-1016-thumb 581439_158812020974795_2119309130_n

See more about Jacques Fine European Pastries and Christopher’s Creative Cakes

Our winner for each category…

Look: Cake

Price: Cupcakes

Taste: Tie

Trending: Cupcakes

Tradition: Cake


Don’t Want a Cake or Cupcakes? No Problem!

Here are some other great ideas to enhance your day and make it truly one of a kind! Love ice cream? Who doesn’t?! You can have an ice cream sundae station, a brownie sundae bar or even a one of a kind roast-your-own s’mores bar.


(Photos by the Expose the Moment)

Wow your guests by letting them chose their favorite ice cream toppings or roast a tasty marshmallow treat!


When it comes down to cakes vs. cupcakes we are torn, so we need your help! Tell us what you think is the best option and why! Don’t want either? Tell us what special dessert you’ll be having!