Real Wedding Vows & How to Write Them

Have you ever watched “The Vow” and hoped that your wedding vows would be just as romantic and tender?

Well, go and grab your tissues because we have been inspired by a post on The Knot and found some incredible real wedding vows posted on Instagram. These amazing vows are guaranteed to inspire you as you write the perfect vows to your soon-to-be spouse.

That’s not all, this next clip shows a man reciting his vows not only to his bride but also his step daughter. It is one of the most moving clips we have seen.

Now since you’re full of emotions, it’s time to start thinking about writing your vows. Thanks to A Practical Wedding, they have created a 10-step list on the most practical way to write vows that wow.

  1. Make the decision to write wedding vows. Many people have chosen this path while others choose to recite traditional vows. Some have even done both!
  2. Clear it with your officiant. Make sure they know that you will be writing your own vows or doing a mixture of written and traditional vows.
  3. Write them together or separate. Some couples wish to write their vows together while others prefer to keep them a secret until the big day. Make sure you are both on the same page and you might want to even have a due date.
  4. Decide on a structure for your vows. Now, we’re not just talking length or grammar but what type of information and sentiment brought into the vows themselves. Some couples prefer to use templates so they are similar but personalized.
  5. Research. You just saw some great examples of vows above but try to also look at your religion or culture for help as well.
  6. Start early. You want to make sure to start writing down ideas as soon as possible. On your wedding day the vows should be polished and be able to portray the true love between you two.
  7. Watch timing. Talk to your fiancé and figure out a time range for your vows to fit into. That way you are not talking too much but you’re also able to say everything you want to.
  8. Be yourself! Your fiancé chose to spend their life with you. Always stay true to who you and they are while writing and reciting these vows.
  9. Practice. If you have troubles with public speaking, you want to practice in front of a mirror or try speaking more in public a few months or so before the wedding.
  10. Do what you want! It’s your day, do what makes you and your fiancé happy!

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