Cheers! Let’s Create your Signature Drink

You’ve given your utmost attention to even the smallest of details throughout your wedding planning. Now, let’s talk about just one more! Creating a signature drink (or two) for you wedding will not only be memorable for your guests, but every year you and your husband can make that drink to celebrate!

What is Your Go-To Drink?

To create a signature drink that you’ll actually love, you need to start with looking at both of your standard order. Leanne Strickler, the head mixologist and signature-cocktail-crafting pro with Blue Plate in Chicago, places drinks in four categories:

  1. Strong like a Manhattan
  2. Sour like a Tom Collins
  3. Sweet like a French martini
  4. Low alcohol, with something like sparkling wine as the base

This will help determine the alcohol level of your drink and will start giving you a better idea of the flavor profile.

What’s Trending?

Looking at the latest trends can bring lots of new ideas to the table. We all know the seasonal trends, spices for the Autumn, lemonade for the Summer, and floral for the Spring, but you can also use the flavor combinations of the now! 2017 is the year of tradition and according to Vogue, rum is the new tequila and guests are looking for more Spirits.

You can also incorporate trending colors. However, we encourage you to stay away from trying to make the drink a different color and include the color through garnishes. Millenial pink is the color of 2017, but that doesn’t mean you should drink it! Try garnishing your drink with an edible flower link the Redbud instead of using food dye or making a drink just because of the color.

Bring in Your Style

This is your drink, drawing in your style can be one of the best ways to add your personality into this drink. This could be your personal everyday style of the theme of your wedding. If you’re having a rustic wedding, think about including a spin on old favorites; instead of just a Jack and Ginger, take a nice bottle of Jack Daniels, add in half teaspoon of honey with some fresh ginger and top the drink off with soda water.

Make a Party of It

If you needed an excuse to have a party, bring all of your friends in on it! Have a mixology party where you can all try and create the best cocktails that showcase the bride, the groom, the theme, and/or the overall style of you both!


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