What Type of Bride are You?

All of our brides have their own unique style and getting ready for that special day takes a lot of effort! Take a breath and have some fun as we find out, what kind of bride you are!

Please choose the answer that most closely represents your wedding style, even if it’s not exactly what you’d choose!

You can take the quiz by writing the letter of your answers and using the key at the bottom or let our quiz system count your answers!


What kind of makeup style would you have on your wedding day?

  A Dramatic cat eye with a contoured face
B Minimalistic to show off your naturally gorgeous structure
C A statement lip matching your color scheme
D Smokey eyes and a more dramatic look


It’s time for your grand exit, what vehicle would you choose to whisk you away?

A A Black Town Car
B Bicycles
C A Vintage Mustang
D A Helicopter


Where are you off to for your honeymoon?

A A tropical island for lots of sun and sand
B Backcountry camping for a quiet getaway
C A big metropolitan city like London or Berlin
D An African safari


What type of music will be playing for the reception?

A A DJ that plays all the hits
B A local live band that gets every off their feet
C My cousin has a laptop and we’ll rent speakers
D Who settles for one? I want live music to start and I’ll end with a killer DJ!


This is a tough one, how many people will be in your bridal party?

A 6
B 2
C 4
D More than 6


What color palette closely resembles your colors?

A Dusty pastels
B Lots of greenery with fresh florals
C Neutral with one pop of color
D Rich jewel tones


How will the groom be dressed?

A Classic tuxedo
B A woven vest and tie
C Bowtie and pocket square
D A custom designed suit


What bouquet could you see yourself holding?

A Peonies all around
B Lots of greenery with wild flowers
C One you made with your bridal party out of paper and jewels
D Unique seasonal flowers


What does your dream date entail?

A Dinner and a movie
B Picnic on top of a mountain
C Outdoor free concert
D A wine tasting and walk around the vineyard


Which of the following things is most important to you on your wedding day?

A Making sure your family and friend have fun
B Letting loose and having fun
C Making sure the wedding goes off without a hitch
D Having all eyes on you


What wedding dress is more your style?

A Lots of lace
B Mermaid
C Ballgown
D Showstopper


Which of the following best describes your wedding?

A Traditional and Formal
B Casual and Relaxed
C DIY and Personalized
D Modern and Flashy


What is your dream wedding venue?

A I need to hear those church bells ringing
B Outside on a mountain
C At my aunt’s farmhouse
D At the nicest hotel with a spectacular view


How many guests will be invited?

A 175-250
B 100-175
C Less than 100
D More than 250


What cake trend will you have?

A Traditional 3 layer cake
B Cupcake Tower
C No cake- we’re doing pies!
D I’m having cake and a dessert bar

Answer Key:

Mostly A’s:

You are a Timeless Bride

You honor the traditions your family has held for centuries. You have dreamt of your wedding since you were a child and even kept a scrapbook from your childhood that you used as inspiration on your big day. There won’t be a dry eye in the room when you two get married!

Mostly B’s:

You are an Effortless Bride

You are an All-American kind of girl! You can rough house with the boys one day and go for a spa weekend with the girls the next! Everyone is jealous of your naturally gorgeous features, so it’s no surprise your wedding is down to earth and naturally beautiful, just like you!

Mostly C’s:

You are a Bride on a Budget

You are the best when it comes to spreadsheets and cost maintenance! You created what seems to be a $30,000 wedding with just $10,000! You know how to spend your money wisely, and it pays off (literally!).

Mostly D’s:

You are an Extravagant Bride

You know how to have fun and your wedding day shows it! You make an incredibly first entrance and keep the guests on their toes all night long! You are the star of the show, and the spotlight hasn’t left your presence since you were born!


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