New England Wedding Guide for Brides on a Budget


Your wedding day is one of the happiest days of your life! Throughout the years we have seen an increase in prices to plan and hold a wedding where you can celebrate that love. Here at Pats Peak, we are always looking for ways to make your special day amazing, without astronomical prices! That’s why we are creating an affordable New England Wedding Guide!

Banquet Center

If you plan your wedding for a Friday or Sunday, you could get significant discounts at banquet centers! We here at Pats Peak Banquet Center offer a $1000 reduction of the minimum fee needed to hold a wedding.


Wedding food can be an incredible treat for all your guests! It’s even better when food is locally sourced and made with in-season ingredients. If you want to keep the prices down, think about having a buffet instead of a plated meal. Your guests will get to pick and choose exactly what they want to eat and can always come up for more! You should also look at if your banquet center has any special meal days. Many times you will find brunch deals or like here at Pats Peak, our special Sunday menu!


We all love when your maid of honor and best man give their passionate speeches. However, sometimes the champagne toast is expensive and frankly can be wasteful. Many of your guests won’t finish their champagne so why not give them a choice! You could have a special drink at the bar like a spiked apple cider. It’s also good to note that a non-alcoholic sparkling cider may be available at a lower price or even included in the menu price already!


Decorations are always an important factor to any wedding, but they can add up quickly! Before going out and buying all new decorations, use your network and ask around for anyone that has recently had an event or wedding! This is a way you could save thousands of dollars! You should also take a look at your local second-hand stores for the perfect rustic and unique finds! Mix and match your centerpieces for an amazing look! Also, consider using our wedding flower guide to find in season flowers at the best price!

The Dress

We know your dress is important to you! You can and will have the perfect wedding dress; you just don’t have to pay the hefty price tag on it! Look for discount sales at your local boutiques or even consider buying online or used. You just need to make sure you know your size! Go try on dresses from different designers to get the best idea of your size in wedding wear. Doing so will also give you the best idea of what style you want and how the dress would look on you. You can always get the dress altered by a local seamstress, so it fits like a glove!

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