2017 Wedding Trends to Look Out For


2016 is gone, and now we hope you are off to a great year in 2017! We loved the wedding trends we saw in 2016 the like the the deep “V” necklines, blush and floral dresses, naked cakes, and so much more! We searched around to find what the top wedding planners and wedding sites have determined will be the top 2017 wedding trends!


According to Brides.com, we will still have many of the amazing dress styles from last season in full swing this year!

Dress necklines that were seen on the runways this season showcased that Deep V’s are stealing the show in the bridal fashion week this year!

Dress colors this season won’t be the traditional white. As we’ve seen in past years, brides will want to add a more little color with floral patterns being showcased again this year.

Dress Styles will utilize bows all around and big bows for that matter!

Dresses from Madeleine’s Daughter and Modern Bride and Formal Shop here in NH!

Take a look at our guide for the perfect wedding dress for each body type!


In 2015, we asked some of our DJs, Main Event Entertainment, and Peak Entertainment have predicted the top songs for 2016. Spotify has also created a playlist of the global top wedding songs with John Legend’s for “All of Me” still on top!

Food and Drink:

Menu choices have always been a big decision for every couple, brunch has become very popular with millennials throughout years and now they will start incorporating that into their wedding! It expected to have an after dance snack ready to give guests a burst of energy!

Don’t forget to also choose a seasonal menu! The food is even more delicious!



2017 is the year of greenery, well according to Pantone it is! They have duped this year’s color and it’s green!


See how to choose the perfect wedding color pallet!

What trends will you be incorporating into your wedding?

2 thoughts on “2017 Wedding Trends to Look Out For

  1. Comment: Interesting to read how green is an emerging color for 2017 weddings! In terms of dress trends- bows, floral trends and Deep V necklines are all stylish trends that should be incorporated into every wedding dress. Papilio Boutique has a great selection of wedding dresses that include these sexy dress trends. papilioboutique.ca

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