5 Adorable Ways to Include your Pet on Your Wedding Day

We know how important a pet is to their family, that’s why so many couples want their pet to be part of their special wedding day!

1. The Ring Bearer

Nothing is cuter than this pup walking down the aisle with your rings. Just make sure they are trained well enough to walk straight down the aisle to the front with those gorgeous rings!

2. The Flower Dog

Instead of letting them hold the rings, let them walk down the aisle in an adorable flower getup!

3. Ride your Horse to the Reception

Riding your horse to your reception is a great way to include your best pal and will allow you to get amazing photos!

4. Kitten Bouquet 

Your feline best friend already loves sleeping in baskets. Walk down the aisle with your kitten!

5. Bring them in for Photos

Sometimes including them just for the photos is another way for them to take part in your special day. Then they can leave with a friend to enjoy the day away from the music and excitement!

If you include your best friend in your wedding take a look at these pet pointers from Bridal Guide.

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