Picking Out the Perfect Wedding Ring

Women are known to start dreaming about their wedding as young children; it should come as no surprise that once a woman is in a serious relationship, she has an idea of what she would like for a wedding ring.

It’s always important to first understand the 4 C’s: Cut, Color, Clarity, & Carat

Image By: Tiny Jewel Box

Image By: Tiny Jewel Box

We have also talked about making sure you understand the cut she would like to have, understand ring insurance policies, & make sure you know how to get the ring off in an emergency if her hand ever swells!

Where to Buy the Ring

You may be wondering where you should go to buy such an extravagant and important purchase. Now, there is nothing wrong with visiting chain retailers to buy jewelry, but when you buy your engagement and wedding ring local, you know much more about your purchase and the quality of the product.

We love the fabulous jewelry at Capital Craftsman and Romance Jewelers because they make picking out the ring an experience for you. With an in-house jeweler and customer jewelry designers, they can make your future bride’s dreams become reality.

We are a non commissioned jewelry store. Whether your budget is $500.00 or $25,000.00 we do our best to help you find the perfect ring. We have a in-house goldsmith. We do free ring sizing for our engagement rings.  This allows for the gentleman to surprise her with a ring.

We ask a lot of questions:

What does she do for a living?  

Is she active?  

Does she wear a lot of jewelry?  

Is she into different pieces or is she more conservative in style?  

Does she like white metals or does she prefer the traditional yellow gold?

These questions allow us to help the ring buyer find the best ring to suit her lifestyle and preferences.  You wouldn’t make a halo diamond ring that sits up high for a nurse who is wearing gloves every day she wouldn’t be able to wear her ring. -Cheryl, Capitol Craftsman and Romance Jewelers Manager

Ring Selection

Don’t just take our word for it, check out their Gabriel and Jabel galleries to see some of the gorgeous designs they have available or stop in for a consultation.




Remember that when buying from locally owned businesses you are helping your community and you know much more about the product, you will be receiving.

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