Wedding Idea: Red, Roses, and Rustic

We know that rustic weddings are here to stay! But what about roses? Some people say roses are old fashioned and ‘too fancy’. However, roses stay in season almost all year long and they really aren’t any more expense than most flowers! They can go perfectly with any wedding. That’s why we decided to Pinterest plan a red, rose, & rustic wedding idea!

The Invites

We chose a wooden-themed ‘Save the Date’ with red flowers. Those red flowers can easily turn into roses if you use an expert graphic designer and local wedding invitation designer such as Ashley Elizabeth! The wedding invitations build upon the theme with a simple and beautiful floral design.

The Bride & Groom

For the wedding dress, we kept the theme by choosing a strapless sweetheart neckline gown with red floral embroidery. Now, you don’t have to continue your theme in your dress so choose the perfect dress for you but we thought this was a great twist!

Now for the shoes and accessories! You have so many options when it comes to shoes! You can have floral, all different designs in red, or go classic with white shoes. For accessories, we love the idea of a red rose flower crown with soft waves.

For the men, they can be in suits or as you’d (they’d) like with these gorgeous and simple rose boutonnieres. They fit the motif perfectly if made with red roses!


We adore elegantly decorated cakes and options are endless! The popular birch tree design would go perfectly but we decided to use a red velvet and rose frosting decorated cake for our theme wedding board.

For accent decorations, we are loving these barrels with red roses! They suit indoor and outdoor locations alike. By adding red roses in our centerpieces and hanging decorations for the reception room the theme is complete!

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