Wedding Invitations

A save the date is the first official wedding item sent out to guests but the wedding invitation is the first peek into your wedding style. Your guests not only know the date, time, and location but they now have an idea of your style (classic and elegant, glam and modern, or themed).

Choosing a Color Scheme

You need to start to think about your wedding colors and incorporate them into your wedding invitation.

Pats Peak Color Wheel

Find Your Size

A traditional wedding invitation has a 4.5-inch-by-6.25-inch dimension. However, couples have been playing with these traditional dimensions and moving towards more modern vibes with circular, scalloped and square invitations.

HINT: Deviating from traditional envelope sizes can increase the postage.

Readability is Important

We know you will be playing with the different fonts and colors but make sure everyone can read your invitations. Remember that some people may have a hard time reading elaborate cursive writing and you can’t have any text too small or in a hard to read color.

No Procrastination

Make sure to check your wedding checklist at the 6 to 8 month mark, that’s when your save the dates need to be sent out. Keep in mind the printing and shipping time and start designing them at the 9 to 10 month mark.

Your wedding invitations should be sent out six the eight weeks before your wedding date and get them ordered at the 5 to 6 month mark.

Invitation Designs

Now, let’s get into the actual wedding invitation sites! Of course we have the popular sites like Vistaprint and Wedding Paper Divas that allow you to design your wedding invitations completely online. You can even let them send the invitations out for you!

If you want a more personal approach, bring it closer to home! Right here in New Hampshire, Ashley Elizabeth, an expert graphic designer will design customized wedding invitations.

Get to know Ashley by subscribing to her blog and check out her Q&A below!


Since your newly engaged, I thought you might like to read through some invitation tips before ordering your wedding stationery!

1. Count carefully, remember you only need ONE invitation per couple/household

Always order 10% more invites than you expect. 

Then you will have some for b-list invitees (depending on RSVP counts) and keepsakes.

2. Create an excel spreadsheet right from the get go so you can get an accurate count of guests. Create individual columns for Name, Address, City, State, Zip.

Write out all abbreviations for roads, apartments, etc on your address sheet and be sure to submit your invitation text wording with all times, dates and locations written out! 

3. Save time! Put all that good hard work from your spreadsheet to use and print addresses directly on all of your envelopes to save time!

4. *Warning* Do not lick all of your envelopes! Use water and a sponge or clear seals.

5. Eliminate hunting down RSVPS: Number the back of your RSVPs to coincide with the spreadsheet mentioned in #1 because some people *forget* to write their name on the RSVP card that they send back to you – that way you can match up the responses regardless, easy – peasy!

Q & A with Ashley

Why should I spend money on something that’s just going to get thrown away?

Well, maybe you shouldn’t…now hear me out.

I know that my business of creating personalized wedding stationery isn’t for everyone, and that’s ok! 

But before you decide if you want to create custom wedding invitations for your special day, ask yourself this question…

If you received two wedding invitations for your two very best friends and the weddings were on the same day….

One came in a beautifully addressed calligraphy envelope with a custom designed personalized invitation 

and the other…

was handwritten (messily) and looks like it was printed on low grade printer paper

Which event would you choose to attend?

Now let me clarify just one thing …when I say “custom” that is NOT synonymous with expensive. 

I have beautiful custom packages that start at $5/set. 

If you are going to use the argument, that your guests are just going throw out the invites, let’s put this in perspective for a moment. 

Your save the date is most likely going to go up on your guest’s refrigerator until your wedding date which could be 6-8 months in advance! If you opt to create a magnet – it may stay up … Forever! Who can’t use another magnet 😉

Let’s talk about wedding flowers for a second. You will spend thousands of dollars on flowers for for your ceremony(15min-1hr) and reception (typically 5 hours) and then guess what — they will be thrown out shortly thereafter. 

So I ask you this … 

Can you put a price on the impact of a first and lasting impression of a wedding invitation!?

After all, You only get one shot at a first impression!   

Get the best bang for your wedding budget and contact me today to learn more about custom wedding packages!


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