How to be the Katherine Heigl of Maid of Honors

Is your best friend getting married and you’re the maid of honor? Are you ready for an epic event to celebrate the couple? Well, of course you’re excited but you may need a little extra help knowing what to do to help your soon-to-be married bff.

Now, we all think we are going to be like Katherine Heigl in 27 Dresses, but that isn’t always the case! She had over 27 weddings under her belt and is the maid of honor (MOH). She knew exactly what needed to be done and had the network to make any bride’s wish come true. Now, so do you!

STEP 1: Help the proposal

We love wedding proposals from mountain tops to Valentine’s Day proposals, you need to help the groom plan out the perfect day for the bride. Start casual (don’t be too obvious) conversations about rings and what ones you both like and the perfect proposal scenarios. This way you can tell the groom exactly what the bride is looking for!

TIP: Get manicures together so her nails are on point for all the photos!

Step 2: The Wedding Timeline

Sit down with the bride to go over the wedding to-do-list. Figure out each step (here is our ultimate wedding planning guide) that needs to be done before actually starting. This will help with organization. You can even use tools like Google Drive to collaborate together and everything is updated after any changes for all to see. Make sure you help the bride throughout each step. She will want your help and your advice! Most venues have vendors lists so make sure to ask for them and talk to other people you know that just had weddings as well!

Step 3: Bridal Shower & Bachelorette Party

Plan the bridal shower and the bachelorette party! This is so much fun to do! For the bridal shower, make sure to get the mom’s (both the groom’s and bride’s) involved in this. Have a set budget and make sure to get the word out about where they are registered. Make sure you write down a list of what was given to bride and by whom. For the bachelorette party, take into consideration the budget for all the bridesmaids. Las Vegas is fun but if everyone can’t join, you can have just as much fun somewhere closer!


Step 4: The Wedding Day

At the wedding, you will need to say a speech, help set up the room, help make sure the bride eats something, and of course, have fun! For the speech, be true to yourself when writing it! If you are naturally funny, don’t be afraid to be funny! If you are honest and sweet, just be yourself!

Tip: If anything goes wrong, take a look at our wedding day problem guide.

Step 5: Keep Calm & Marry On!

Keep calm and keep the bride calm! This should be a fun experience to share together! Just keep relaxed if something goes wrong and use your problem solving skills to do so!


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