A Bride’s Guide to a Country Wedding

A Brides GuideWe absolutely love our country brides and country-styled weddings. Being located in New Hampshire, we get a wonderful mix of personalities (that we love!) but we tend to get many gorgeous country weddings. This is why we thought to create a quick guide to any country wedding.

All about the location!

We know that location is always key for any wedding but a country wedding couldn’t be prettier than in the mountains! Yes, we are biased but we also know how gorgeous a barn, farm, or vineyard wedding can be as well! Take a look at how to find the perfect venue!

Decorations for a country gal.

What would be a country wedding without lots of burlap, mason jars, and wildflowers? Always put your unique spin on these classic ideas to bring your personality to life in each detail! Need more decoration ideas? We have lots of amazing decoration tips for any bride!

Get those toes tappin’!

Nothing beats a good ole country music lineup. We took some playlists from our friends over at Spotify to bring you some amazing country wedding songs!

Some good eats and even better drinks!

Barbeque is our go-to for amazing country weddings. The family-style feel with some of the best country fixin’s like cornbread and potato salad. YUM! Don’t forget to wash it down with some moonshine inspired cocktails.

Start planning away, and ask us any questions along in the process!

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