Everything You Need to Know to Pick Out the Perfect Engagement Ring

Men, we are talking to you! This may just be the most confusing and daunting step for anyone looking to get engaged! What ring would she absolutely love, how do I know what I am getting, and what do I need to ask!?


Image By: Tiny Jewel Box

The 4 C’s







These are some of the initial stepping-stones to take and consider before even stepping into a store! Our friends over at The Knot also suggest knowing the diamond shape before even thinking about the 4 C’s.

Diamond Shapes

Take a look at our shaping map above; you need to know what type of style your future bride would want to have! To find this out, take a look at other rings she has, talk to her friends or family, or even try to drop hints to get her thoughts (or really listen to her hints!)

You need to understand how an engagement ring is purchased. You typically buy the ring setting separate from the diamond or stone. The diamond will be the most costly part of the expense so makes sure you have a budget set before placing an order.

Be safe! Make sure the stores you are shopping at are verified by either Jewelers of America or by members of the Gemological Institute of America (GIA).

Each ring also should have diamond-grading report issued by GIA, an independent gemological association, or the American Gem Society. You should also ask for what is called the gem’s fingerprint on the bill of sale that would and should also contain the 4 C’s, shape, dimensions, cosmetic enhancement, designer (if famous), and possibly if the diamond was handmade or customer designed.

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