5 Unique Wedding Registry Ideas

First off, congratulations on your engagement! It’s such an exciting time and we also understand the stress that may come along with planning a wedding. This post will focus on unique wedding registry ideas to get you started. One thing you should do before you start your Wedding Registry is to take a look at the best option(s) for your wants and needs. This will help prevent any frustrations that may come along in the process! (Also, feel free to reach out to us for any advice!)

1. Think Local


Most couples use large corporations to create a Wedding Registry because of their easy to use online/in-store services and the wide range of products. Luckily for you, in New Hampshire we have the option to use Nearby Registry.

The concept for NEARBY was dreamed up when founder Allison Grappone got married in 2009. She and her husband were frustrated that they weren’t easily able to support their favorite local businesses through the traditional gift registry model. The couple created their own, allowing friends and family to purchase goods that reflected the couple’s personalities.

They have products ranging from art and travel to the more traditional registry items like kitchen appliances. This service allows couples to support their local economy with the same ease of use as other registry services. Check it out: Nearby Registry.

2. Honeymoon

honeymoonMany couples are already living together in their homes that are stocked up with all the appliances and living necessities. A big expense couples have after getting married includes the honeymoon! Services like HoneyFund and The Honeymoon allow couples to list their honeymoon destination with their ideal experiences. Guests can view what the couple is asking for and buy directly through the site so the couple can have the honeymoon of their dreams!


3. Multiple Stores

The_Knot_Registry_Hero_Image_FrameIf you have tried to start your registry, you know the problems with trying to stick to one store to register with: Either they do not have all the products you are looking for or some products can be found at more affordable prices elsewhere. The Knot heard every couple’s cry for help and created an integrated registry system that allows couples to register products from multiple stores all placed on one buying platform.

4. Buying a Home

imagesSome couples look forward to buying a home together after their wedding. However, sometimes wedding and honeymoon expenses drain their savings account and therefore they have to wait to put a down payment on their dream home. Services like Hatch My House, allow for couples to “design a house and start saving toward a down payment, renovations or home decor in a fun and interactive way.” This way they don’t have to wait to start their lives together in their dream home.

5. Gift Cards

wedding-card-holderInstead of trying to search through different stores to find the things you think you’ll need, you can ask your guests for gift cards to your favorite stores. This way you can buy everything you need, when you need it. This prevents getting doubles for gifts and/or returning any items you don’t actually need. Card Avenue is just one of a few great sites to offer this service!


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