2016 Wedding Trends

Can you believe it is almost 2016?! We loved all of the wedding trends we saw in 2015 like the S’mores Bar, cupcakes, champagne bars, and family-style meals. We searched around to find what the top wedding planners and wedding sites have determined will be the top 2016 wedding trends!


Dress necklines that were seen on the runways this season showed two particular trends designers have determined:

The Bateau Neckline

The Dipped “V”

Dresses from Madeleine’s Daughter and Modern Bride and Formal Shop here in NH!

Dress colors this season won’t be the traditional white. As we’ve seen in past years, brides will want a more little color:




Dresses by the sought after Maggie Sottero!

Dress Styles will take on some of the fashion trends we saw many millennials wear in 2015. From street-wear to now bridal:

Cropped Tops


Layered Lace


Victorian Inspired


Read more from The Knot

Take a look at our guide for the perfect wedding dress for each body type!


In 2015, we saw the top song from Spotify given to none other than John Legend for “All of Me”. Some of our DJs, Main Event Entertainment and Peak Entertainment have predicted the top songs for 2016:

Food and Drink:

Drink choices have been changing throughout the years, from open bars to champagne bars; we will see some new trends this season:

His & Her Cocktails

Craft Beer Garden

Adult Frozen Treats

Menu choices have always been a big decision for every couple, food stations were poplar last year and now we’ll see a new twist on that!

Gueridon Service

Heritage Dishes

Don’t forget to also choose a seasonal menu! The food is even more delicious!


We have seen cupcakes the past few years, we also saw S’mores bars and couples giving guests a buffet-style for dessert choices. This 2016 season, we will see the trend of going back to cake, but with a twist:

No Fondant, all about the buttercream

Naked Cakes


We will see an interesting turn when it comes to photography:

Action Shots


Mixed Media: Film and Digital

“Highlights” Video

On-Site Photo Editor

Photos Before the Ceremony

Yes, you read that right, an on site photo editor for the ready to post social media pics! Don’t forget to add your wedding hashtag! Before your wedding, don’t forget about getting those perfect engagement photos!


Choosing a wedding color pallet can be difficult but this season the trends will help with that decision:


One Color with Different Shades

See how to choose the perfect wedding color pallet!


Last year, roses and an English-inspiration took over flower trends. This year we’ll see couples choosing flowers that are in-season instead. This will help with lowering the flower budget for brides, as in-season flowers are typically less expensive.

Find in-season flowers for every month!


Brides and grooms this season are going to bring themselves into the wedding, more than we’ve seen in the past! Couples are going to want to bring in places of special memories to them. It could be their hometowns, alma mater, or even a special vacation spot.

Read more from Bridal Guide

What trends will you be incorporating in your wedding?

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