Etiquette Tips for the Bride and Groom

This is your time to celebrate the love between you and your partner while entering into marriage! You still want to make sure your family and guests know how appreciative you are of everything they have done for you and being there for you on your wedding day!

Before the Proposal


It has always been tradition to ask the father for their daughter’s hand in marriage before popping the question.

Nowadays, some parents would like to be asked together, or depending on your partner’s relationship with his or her parents, you may ask their mother, brother, grandfather, or no one at all.

To be certain, talk with your soon-to-be fiancé or their friends to find out exactly what they would want.

Then, you need to plan to propose so get tips from friends and experts!

After the Proposal

STOP! Don’t post that engagement photo just yet!

I know that it is tempting and very easy to post the photos of your engagement, but make sure to call your close family and friends first. They will want to hear directly from you before it is posted online! It is a much more intimate and personal touch when you can actually hear the excitement from the ones you are closest with.

Don’t forget about getting professional engagements photos! Sometimes they can even happen the day of the engagement!

Ring Pictures Please!

Everyone will want to see your ring and hear all about the proposal! After you have told your close family and friends, go ahead and post away! This is the most efficient way to tell a large majority of the people in your life that YOU’RE ENGAGED!

Paper invitations or e-invites?

We all know that our email inboxes are stuffed with junk. Receiving snail mail may seem like it is from the dinosaur-age but it is actually a treat!

Try and stay with traditional paper invitations, however, they don’t have to be traditional in the way they look! With sites like Wedding Paper Divas, Shutterfly, and even Etsy; you can have modern and chic looking invitations that really show off your personality!

Make sure to include your wedding hashtag on the invite, if you’re going to use one.

Leave space between receiving the invitation and RSVP due dates.

You want to leave about 15 days between the time your guests will receive their invitations and the day they need to send in their RSVP. This gives them time to modify their schedule, if needed.

During the Wedding

Make a point to speak with everyone.

We know that it can seem overwhelming with guest lists sometimes in the 300’s but all of those people are special to you and your new husband/wife. Make sure they know that you are so grateful they could be there for you on your big day! Make a point to stop by each table to thank them for coming.

No-shows and unexpected guests.

On occasion, you might have guests that RSVP’d that they would attend, but on the day didn’t show up. Most of the time this is a last minute conflict that they couldn’t resolve. Don’t take it as an offense towards you, life sometimes happens. You may also see someone who RSVP’d no, show up to the wedding. If this happens, make sure to talk to your venue about this to see if they can set a place for them. Most venues will be accommodating and understanding.

After the Wedding

Thank you cards are a must!

A handwritten thank you card is another snail mail treat for your loved ones to receive. Make sure to thank them for coming to the wedding and their generous gift. It is always important to send these out no later than 2 weeks after the wedding.

TIP: When opening gifts, make sure to write down exactly what each person gave you.

Share the photo love.

When your photographer starts to send and/or post photos from your wedding, make sure to also share those pictures on your profiles as well! Everyone wants to see them and reminisce about how much fun they had!

Remember to always be true to both of your personalities! This is your day and you two are the center of attention! If you want to stray from tradition, that’s completely okay! Just have fun and remember that you are here to celebrate your love! ❤


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