10 Reasons Why Your Bridesmaids are Awe-inspiring

1. They will drop anything and everything to help you plan

2. They will wear any dress you ask them to

3. They will throw you the best bridal shower and bachelorette party

4. They will be your actual “maids”

5. They will glue together 200 place cards the night before the wedding

6. They will risk public speaking anxiety and tears to tell you how much they love you

7. They will risk public embarrassment for the coordinated dance when they get announced

8. They will be able to fix any problem

9. They will hold your dress as you go to the bathroom

Hold My Dress

Photo Credit: http://www.etsy.com

10. They will be so happy for you, they will get too emotional to speak

I'm So Happy

Photo Credit: http://www.giphy.com

Treat your bridesmaids to everything they deserve for all of their hard work! Some of our favorite local bridal dress shops have amazing bridesmaid options that everyone will look and feel amazing in!

Madeleine’s Daughter

Modern Bride

Thank you for everything you do, bridesmaids!

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