Adorable Trends for Flower Girls

Dresses to Impress

Madeleine’s Daughter 

“Many of our brides enjoy the fact that we carry not only bridal gowns, but also flower girl dresses, bridesmaid dresses, mothers dresses, etc. The best part about having all of these, is that we really help coordinate the look of the entire wedding!

Bill Levkoff is an amazing designer that not only is popular for bridesmaids, but also flower girls. We have many brides that love the idea of having a hint of the bridesmaids color on the flower girl. This designer does this beautifully. They also come in a variety of styles and colors, so there is typically something for any brides taste.”

Modern Bride

“We’ve noticed with the flower girls dress, the bride wants them to be coordinated and similar in color to theirs (white, ivory, gold, pink). They also want the same beading, but they want to keep it young with playful skirts so the girls will feel like princesses, they want them to have fun! 

If they want to keep the wedding color through out the whole party, they will put the flower girl’s sash or bow in the bridesmaid’s color. That way not only does she match the bride but also she carries the same color as the bridal party so she looks like a part of them. Alfred Angelo is our most popular designer right now.

Flower Girl Signs

The newest and cutest trend we’ve been seeing, is having the flower girl or ring bearer hold a sign while going down the isle! Our own banquet manager, Chelsea Knapton, even had this at her wedding!

How to Ask

When you narrow down you list of flower girls, you need to find a cute way to ask them to be in your wedding that brings an even bigger smile to their face!


Traditional flower girl baskets are still as cute as can be! We love seeing the new ideas our brides have done and we had to go on Pinterest to find some of their ideas!

Flower Girl Gifts

To thank the precious girl for helping you out on your big day, giving her a little surprise will make her day even better!



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