How to Throw an Epic Bridal Shower


Did you know that a bridal shower was actually created when women wanted to marry “unsuitable men” and their families refused to pay a dowry. Friends would throw the bridal shower to help the bride setup her life together in a new home. Times have changed and now a bridal shower is a wonderful gathering to celebrate the bride before the wedding day.

Who Hosts

Traditionally the maid of honor would host and endure the costs of the bridal shower. However, many bridal parties will come together to organize, host, and pay for the day.

Where to Host

Traditionally this takes place at a bridesmaid’s home but any place with adequate space and the right location can be great!

We have some amazing restaurants located right here in Henniker, NH! If you’re outside of this area try looking at your chamber of commerce, ours is the Concord Chamber, to find a local restaurant or space that fits your guest list and theme.

If you want a different idea, try having it in your local park, zoo, or even the beach!

When to Host

Traditionally this takes place about 6 months before the wedding itself. Some showers have taken place as close to the wedding as 2 months until or as far out as a year before.

Most showers take place on Sunday for brunch, lunch, or mid afternoon.

Who to Invite

Traditionally women are only invited to the bridal shower, the bride’s family members, the bridal party, close friends, and women invited to the wedding. Many people chose to throw the bridal shower to celebrate both the bride and the groom for a co-ed bash.

Make sure though that the actually wedding invitations have been sent out prior to sending out your invites to the bridal shower. This is to make sure that those invited to the shower are also invited to the wedding.

How to Party

We found some awesome Pinterest ideas to have the best bridal shower!

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