A Wedding App Review


With the millions of apps available to you and your smart phone, how do you know what app will actually help you when you’re planning your wedding? We test-drove some of the most popular apps out there to help you download the right ones from the start!


They are a social bookmarking application that allows each user to create different boards where you can upload photos or save them from different websites. This allows you to save all your wedding ideas and link the websites connected to them.

Positive: This is one of the most popular social media sites out today, meaning you can find ideas for nearly any wedding.

Negative: Anyone can pin on this application and sometimes you cannot find where the product or service are actually sold.

The Knot

The leading wedding planner resource has created an app that syncs directly to your account with them. You can look at wedding inspirations, talk to your vendors, and have access to your checklists and budget sheets.

Positive: We find it very helpful for brides to have one place to go to talk to their vendors, access checklists and budgets, and keep your wedding profile up to date.

Negative: The app has been going down lately and many brides cannot access their information from the app.

Wedding Wire

This is one of the most recommend wedding planning apps out there today. Very similar to The Knot, as it syncs with your account so you can access checklists, budgets, and look for the best vendors.

Positive: This app allows you to chat with other couples to share ideas, advice, and ask any question.

Negative: The usability needs to be adjusted, you will need to log in and out a lot because there isn’t a back button.


They have over 40,000 vendors that place content on their application to give you awesome ideas. Think about OneWed as a Pinterest-like application; once you find an idea you like, you add it to your Ideabook.

Positive: Unlike Pinterest, you always know where those products or services are from and get a direct link to where to buy them or find out more information.

Negative: This app will take up over 2 GB of space on your device, much more than similar apps like Pinterest.

Tiffany & Co. Engagement Ring Finder

Trying on engagement rings in bed has become a reality, you need to only take a photo of your hand and start looking how each ring style will look on you and your exact skin tone.

Positive: Very convenient and allows you to stop just looking online but trying each of them on yourself.

Negative: Limited on design and styles.



One-stop shop for trying new makeup and hair trends. This app allows you to see how different makeup and hairstyles will look on you personally. You need to upload a photo following their guidelines and get going!

Positive: Very accurate, easy to use, and tons of colors and hairstyles to chose from.

Negative: There are only four eyeliner styles.


Don’t forget that Pats Peak Banquet Center uses these apps so make sure to look for us! What apps do you want us to review next?

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