Choosing a Hotel Before and After Your Wedding Night

With the hundreds of choices around New Hampshire, brides can sometimes feel stuck on where to actually stay before and after their big day. Should you stay in one hotel the entire time or stay in two hotels? What questions do you need to ask for group bookings?

Some brides want to stay in one hotel before their wedding to get ready for the big day and another hotel after the night is over. Choosing to do this requires a little extra knowledge of the local accommodations and knowing exactly what you’re looking for in a hotel.

Start with your average nightly budget for a hotel. Do you want to spend a little more money before the wedding as it can be a time to relax before the festivities begin or do you want the wedding night to be in the honeymoon suite where you relax in style with your other half? Some brides have even chosen to spend the both the night before and after in a slightly more accommodating hotel and the remainder of their time in an economy hotel.

“Location” isn’t just an eight-letter word! Here at Pats Peak Banquet Center, we’re lucky enough to have a range of great hotel relationships with in-town (even right next door) accommodations and relationships with many hotels in larger cities close to the area. Some couples love the convenience of an in-town choice but others want to be closer to the city and many times use a transportation company like, Grace Limousines, to transport themselves and guests to and from the hotel.

Now, once you have your hotel preferences, it’s time to start looking at what is in the area! We have a great list of hotels near our Henniker, NH resort located here! Some of our local in-town options include:

Colby Hill Inn

Henniker Motel

Henniker House B&B

Some city locations include:

Holiday Inn

Best Western

Comfort Inn

Hampton Inn

Now, you might be thinking, “how in the world can I figure out what hotel to stay in?” That’s why we came up with a cheat sheet for you to use when researching each hotel to keep you organized and able to make the best decision for you! (Download Here)


Now get out there and start the pillow-picking process! We’re always here if you need any advice or tips, just comment below!

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