Top 10 Questions to Ask a DJ

Finding the right DJ is an important aspect to any event, you want to make sure the DJ you chose is exactly what you’re looking for! To make sure the DJ you pick will be everything your event needs, ask these ten necessary questions. We have even asked local NH DJ’s, Peak Entertainment, Main Event Entertainment, and DJ Dave Entertainment to help you out! Download our Printable DJ Sheet!

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1. Do they have videos from events?

You should never hire a DJ without seeing them in action! The easiest way to do this is to ask for videos they have taken from previous events. Ask them to also see different types of events or multiple wedding videos. This allows you to see if the DJ matches the style and theme of your wedding. Many DJ’s are great with multiple types of events but it’s always best to see for yourself!

Peak Entertainment: Not that we’ve produced, though I’m sure some clients have some and may have posted it to Facebook, etc.

Main Event Entertainment: Yes. Each of our DJ’s has a demo video for Brides and Grooms to review. Our videos are from real weddings, not staged events.

DJ Dave Entertainment: I do have two videos on my website. Working on producing a third one this year.

2. Do they have customer and guest reviews?

It’s always important to know what other brides or event planners said about the DJ you are considering hiring. Looking at Yelp reviews, or reviews from another site can help determine if this DJ is going to fit well with your event. You should also look at guest reviews to make sure your guests will enjoy the DJ as well!

Peak Entertainment: Yes. Links to client reviews at Wedding Wire, Yelp, Etc. are located here.

Main Event Entertainment: Yes. All of our clients are asked to review the entertainment services they have received, we also ask if we may use them as a reference. So we have lots of references as well. 

DJ Dave Entertainment: Customer reviews are available on my website, the Knot, and Wedding Wire.

3. Can you request songs at the event and discuss the music selection before hand?

Making sure your DJ has an extensive song list is very important! Your family, friends, or event goers want to be able to request their favorite songs. Make sure your DJ allows you and your guests to request songs during the event. You should also ask to discuss the music selection before the event. This will allow you to make sure the DJ has your favorite songs and you can even let them know if you do not want certain songs played at your event!

Peak Entertainment: Yes.

Main Event Entertainment: Yes. If the Bride and Groom want the DJ to take requests we will, it’s up to them. All music is discussed at the details meeting which is a few weeks before the event. The Bride and Groom can pick as much of the music as they want.

DJ Dave Entertainment: I always plan the wedding music with my couples from the announcements to the final dance. And I always play guest requests, unless the bride & groom instruct me not to.

4. Do they use professional equipment?

Ask the DJ for their equipment list to see if that particular DJ is using professional-grade sound gear.

Peak Entertainment: Yes.

Main Event Entertainment: Yes. We always use all top notch Professional DJ equipment.

DJ Dave Entertainment: I use only professional DJ equipment. Clean sound. Dependable. I use the good stuff!

5. Is their pricing easy to understand?

Look to see if they have a straight forward pricing structure. You don’t want to be struck with hidden fees.  Ask about any setup, breakdown, or other fees that could be included in the cost. You should also ask if they have an all-inclusive deal to make sure you avoid other fees added to your bill. You should however be aware that if you go over in your time there could be an extra fee added.

Peak Entertainment: Yes.

Main Event Entertainment: Yes. We don’t fool around with pricing.

DJ Dave Entertainment: Pricing is very easy to understand with no hidden fees. Check service fees on my website.

6. Do they offer a written contract?

You should always ask for a written contract. Within that contract make sure the price is clearly stated along with the name of the DJ that will be at your event. Many big DJ services will hire out other DJs to work events. Make sure you know exactly who will be working your event!

Peak Entertainment: Yes.

Main Event Entertainment: Yes. Always.

DJ Dave Entertainment: Yes, a written contract will be provided.

7. Will they know how to pronounce your names correctly?

You want to make sure your names along with your wedding party’s names are all pronounced correctly and in the correct order. Ask the DJ to pronounce them in a meeting and even write out how to pronounce each name phonetically. You want to also make sure the DJ knows whom he/she is introducing and in what order.

Peak Entertainment: Absolutely. We obtain this information in advance and double check it as we line the people up.

Main Event Entertainment: Yes. We phonetically write down all names to be said on the microphone. 

DJ Dave Entertainment: Proper pronunciation of names is part of the pre-wedding day planning.

8. Have they been to your venue before?

It’s always good to know if your DJ has been to your venue in previous events. If they have, they will know exactly how long it will take them to setup and also where they need to be. It’s always great to see that the DJ knows the staff at your venue and it provides an even better experience!

Peak Entertainment: Yes. (Pats Peak Banquet Center)

Main Event Entertainment: We have been to most venues within 1 hr’s drive of Manchester NH. This depends on the individual DJ, a new DJ may not have been at your venue in the past.

DJ Dave Entertainment: I have worked several weddings at Pats Peak.

9. Do you have backup equipment?

This is one of the most important questions that can be forgotten. It may be rare but sometimes equipment can fail or computers can crash. Make sure your DJ has a backup system in case of any emergency!

Peak Entertainment:: Yes. Complete backup systems on site at every event (not back at the office!)

Main Event Entertainment: Always.

DJ Dave Entertainment: Yes. I bring two of everything.

10. Do you belong to a professional organization and abide by a professional code of conduct?

When a DJ belongs to an organization it shows that they want to stay on top of industry trends and to always be the best DJ they can for every event they play!

Peak Entertainment: Yes.

Main Event Entertainment: As the Owner of Main Event Entertainment, I ensure that our DJs conduct themselves with the highest level of Professional Conduct.

DJ Dave Entertainment: I do abide by a Professional Conduct Code. Always have, always will.


Did we miss anything? Let us know in the comments!

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