A “How to” on asking “How much?”

When planning your wedding, your first instinct may be to ask “how much?” However, it seems like you can never get a direct answer to your question. So how can you actually know the projected cost of your wedding? Instead of asking “How much would it cost for a wedding with 200 guests?” You should ask multiple and specific questions to get the answers you want!


Let’s start with the room rental!

What is the room rental fee for a Saturday wedding?

Here at Pats Peak, the Valley room has an $800 room rental fee, a $400 ceremony fee, both of which, plus the food cost counts towards a $3,500 monetary minimum. The Sleigh Room with a 11:30am to 4:30pm reception time frame also has an $800 room rental fee, a $400 ceremony fee, and a $3,500 monetary minimum. The Sleigh Room in the evening with a reception from 7:00pm to 12:00am is a $1000 rental fee, a $400 ceremony fee, and a $5,000 monetary minimum. Is your head starting to swirl with numbers? Not to worry, we will do the math for you!

It is always best to be as specific as possible; make sure to mention the days/dates you are interested in, along with the time of day as prices can vary. Don’t forget that different venues will have different minimums or requirements along with their own ceremony fees and possibly a decoration fee. If the vendors do not mention those fees when you ask about the rental price tag, make sure to ask specifically if there are other fees you need to consider!

Instead of asking “How much will the food cost us?” Try the following:

“What are the different food packages you offer and do you have a priced menu we are able to take home with us?”

This question will allow you to hear about all the different choices you have and may need to reach any food minimums. By asking for a copy of the menu pricing, you are also able to take home all of this information instead of having the write down all the choices on your notepad!

Luckily for you we here at Pats Peak have a PDF ready for you to view at any time! Check out our wonderfully designed menu by Chef Guy Pelletier!

Screen Shot 2015-04-26 at 10.17.56 PM

What if your venue does not have a pricing menu ready for you to take?

You should then ask: “Can we go through your different food packages to discuss exactly what is included in each option and how much per person that will cost?

You will have to write this down so make sure to ask them to go slowly through this, or even email you!

How much will an ‘open bar’ cost us?

This can be a tricky question for any venue to answer because without a total guest count and knowing your guests beverage preferences, we have a much harder time projecting this cost.

The better questing to ask is: “What are your average liquor, beer, and wine prices per drink?

With these beverage figures you might be able to guesstimate an cost depending on how well you know your guests. However, if you know that your guests enjoy top-shelf liquor or domestic beer, make sure to ask for those specifically!

You will have many more questions than we’ve mentioned here, don’t be shy, ask them! Make sure to be as specific as you can with every detail you desire for your special day! Remember that we are here to make your day perfect! If you find yourself in need of how to ask a different question, comment on this blog and we’ll help out!

We would love to show you what Pats Peak has to offer in-person. To arrange a visit to view our facility, please fill out our Banquet Information Request Form or call us at 1(888) PATS-PEAK, ext. 123.

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