Budgeting Secrets


It’s tax refund day! For all of you planning a wedding, you might be putting all of that money into your wedding. We know how hard you work every day to make that money and we bet you’re wondering how you can stretch each penny to make your wedding from a dream into reality.

“Ask yourself: what are my top three dream elements? Is the food most important? The band? The dress? Craft your budget around what you know you want, to splurge there and cut back on some things that aren’t as important,” says Christopher Confero, of Christopher Confero Design in Atlanta, GA

The Dress

We all dream about the perfect dress for our wedding day, but many times we are stuck with a heavy price tag! Try going to a local shop and you have a few options:

  1. Ask if they would give a discount if you pay in cash.
  2. Look at dresses from last season, many times it won’t be as expensive.

You could also rent your dress! Renting or buying a used dress can save you hundreds if not thousands of dollars! The dresses are just as beautiful and they are in pristine shape!

  1. Tradesy.com– Buy direct from other brides selling their gowns.
  2. PreownedWeddingGowns.com– You can find designer labels at 80% off!
  3. Newlywed.com– They have a “try before you buy” option, no commitments!

The Venue


Making sure the venue fits the personality of the bride and groom and theme of the wedding is so important! There are many options to save on the venue like a backyard wedding or many venues offer discounts for Friday and Sunday weddings. We here at Pats Peak pride ourselves on our affordable prices to accommodate any bride’s budget! We have even been told it’s less expensive to get married in our beautiful facility than to have a backyard wedding! That is once you add up all the rentals needed and all the additional time you need to invest into putting it all together yourself.

The Food

Choosing a menu that you love and is in your budget can be hard at times. To cut costs try a few of our tips:

  1. Have a buffet instead of a plated meal. You get the same delicious food at a lower cost.
  2. Trim down your menu. We all love a diverse menu option but it’s not always necessary. Stick with the basics and throw in a few trendy items.
  3. Make your meal with appetizers. Appetizers are always so delicious and anyways many guests fill up on them first. Ask to have a flow of appetizers instead of a meal.

 Check out our food menu at our tasting on May 1st! Today is the last day to register! Email Jessica at jessica@patspeak.com

The Desserts


We love desserts and we always see creative ways to cut costs on this aspect.

  1. Have a potluck dessert. Ask your guests or your bridal party to bring their favorite desserts for everyone to share.
  2. Have a dessert bar. This gives you and your guests a great option of treats at a smaller cost.
  3. S’mores bar! We at Pats Peak rent our s’mores bar to our brides at a small cost.

Don’t worry about missing your cake cutting; you can purchase a small beautiful wedding cake for you and your special someone to smash into each other’s faces!

The Flowers

We have seen some of the most creative ways to save on flowers!

  1. Paper flowers, they will be a talking point with your guests on how gorgeous they are!
  2. Fabric flowers, they are just a beautiful and you can reuse them all them time!
  3. Look for flowers in season. Roses are usually affordable during the entire wedding season but try to stay away from flowers that aren’t in bloom.
  4. Limit your flower usage, place flowers where your guests will enjoy them. If you aren’t having a sit-down dinner, don’t have flower centerpieces.
  5. Create the arraignments yourself. Order the flowers from your local florist but buy them in bulk with 3-4 different types and create your own bouquet and arrangements!

The Photos

We all love to get our wedding book filled with amazing photos that have been snapped with such precision and expertise. You can’t cut your photographer costs can you?

  1. Try having one photographer instead of two or three. Your guests will also be taking photos!
  2. Hire a photographer for a shorter amount of time. Make sure you get the ceremony photographed up until dancing is in full action.
  3. Use applications like Eversnap or a hashtag to get all of your guest’s photos easily accessible. This allows you to never miss a great photo from a guest!

The Decorations


We know that your Pinterest page has hundreds of DIY wedding decorations. Sort through those boards and start making your own decorations.

  1. Thrift shops. Head over to your local thrift shop to find gorgeous vases and fabrics to make your centerpieces, they will be one of a kind!
  2. Get your family involved. You don’t have to make everything yourself, ask your family and friends and make a party of it!
  3. Decorate your room yourself. Skip any decoration fees and make the room look just the way you want! Make sure your family and friends helping decorate know your layout so they can easily follow instructions!


Now, go out and have that tax refund finance your entire wedding!

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