A Wedding Surprise

April Fools is known for the pranks and jokes we either love or hate. A wedding surprise is something everyone will love! A wedding day surprise is one of the newest trends we’ve been seeing lately and we have to say that we love them. From surprising your guests with fireworks to surprising the bride with her favorite singer, surprises make the night even more special.


Let’s be honest, who doesn’t enjoy a spectacular fireworks show? Giving the kids (with supervision) sparklers and seeing those beautiful colors during your reception will be the surprise topping to a memorable night. Don’t know what fireworks to buy or the permits needed? Stop by your local fireworks store and the clerks are always happy to help! Our favorite spot is Hooksett Fireworks in Hooksett, NH. Make sure not to surprise your venue though! They have to be aware of any fireworks and they have to make sure you have the right permits!



We have all seen and fallen in love with Sugar from Maroon Five, and we have to admit we have fallen more in love with the idea of being surprised on our wedding day with an amazing band. We even heard that Ed Sheeran also surprised a bride in Australia! Not everyone can afford or be the lucky few to get a surprise performance from a rock star (but don’t let that discourage you!) We have some amazing bands in New Hampshire and having your first song sung to you and your new spouse gives an indescribable feeling of happiness. Think about reaching out to local bands in your area (if you’re in NH the Dusty Gray Band or the October Sons are pretty awesome!) and surprise everyone with this amazing treat!

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We love when a dance breaks out in the middle of our dance floor and it’s even more memorable if the dance has been choreographed! From bridesmaids and groomsmen to the first dance it’s always a treat. We have seen an amazing New Orleans themed parade that went around the base of the mountain! Don’t forget your mom and dad have a few moves of their own, your guests will love to see them rock out or ballroom-style with their newly married children! Let’s Dance Studio in Concord, NH even has a wedding program! Don’t forget the flash mob, we can’t help but love those!

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Kona Ice

Who doesn’t love shaved ice? Think about how happy the kids (and adults too) will be when that Kona Ice Truck pulls up for all your guests to cool off after some dancing? Find your local Kona Ice Truck here. If you are in NH contact Sharon and she’ll be a great help!



With our world being very integrated, people many times have friends or family that will be too far away to attend your wedding. We hate when that happens, but we love when a special guest makes an appearance unbeknownst to others. Many of our military families have to miss so many special events with their loved ones. It makes one of the most amazing moments when they are able to make it back and spend that time celebrating a marriage with their friends and family!


Now, this next option is somewhat different but altogether an awesome idea! We have been seeing surprise weddings take place. Yes, surprise weddings! How does that work? Well, we have seen this two ways. The first a groom took his fiancé’s Pinterest wedding board and with the help of friends and family, creating the brides dream wedding without her knowledge. The second way, surprising the guests! The bride and groom make sure to have everyone come to a specific place at a certain time with the notion of a different circumstance. Then, the bride walks out in her beautiful gown and starts walking down the isle.


Now, a surprise wedding might not be your style but trust us when we say that planned surprises really do make your wedding day just that much more amazing!

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