How to Brand Your Wedding

We love when we see people generate a hashtag for their wedding day! It makes it so much easier for guests and the bride and groom to see all the photos from that night! You don’t even have to be tech savvy to do it!

How to create the hashtag

Make it simple. Make sure your guests can remember the hashtag and it is easy for them to spell. #GalifianakisDeschanelWeddingPhoto; not many people can spell those last names! If you have a complicated or long last name, try something like #KatieLee2Be, #MattLovesAnnie, or #SamCWedsChelsG. These are much easier to remember and more likely to be used by guests!


See if that hashtag is being used. Anyone can use any hashtag, so try to stray away from using one that another couple already used. This will help you when searching for those photos after the big day!

Screen Shot 2015-02-26 at 2.16.02 PM

Only use letters and numbers. Don’t use special characters because the hashtag would actually consist of the letters and numbers before the special character. For example #Mary<3sKen, the hashtag would actually be #Mary because social media platforms don’t allow special characters within a hashtag. We even found a wedding hashtag generator for you!

Tell everyone about the hashtag and where to post photos! Make sure you create a display or write on your invitations about the hashtag so everyone knows exactly what one to use and where to use it. We have even seen couples place cards on each table with the hashtag and photos of the social media sites they use.


What’s next?

Get snapping! The best part about branding your wedding, it’s free! All of your friends and families can upload their photos directly from their smart phones or on their computer and everyone at your wedding can see all the photos! You can even use some awesome apps to have a Photo Booth without much cost at all!

Start saving those photos! Go to each social media account and start searching your hashtag! You will see so many photos from your wedding and you can save them all! Now you don’t have to ask around for everyone to send you photos, you can go get them easily and whenever you want!

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