A How-To on Valentine’s Day Proposals

Pats Peak 09

Valentine’s Day is known for lovers. Therefore, we tend to see a lot of proposals this time of year with all the couples expressing their love. So how do you make your proposal stand out from the crowd and not having a cheesy Valentine proposal? After all, this is going to be one of the most memorable moments of your life! The answer is simple really: you need to do a little planning! The Huffington Post has “A Groom’s Guide to Valentine’s Day” …but we wanted to add a few known facts to their list!


Plan out everything. Make sure that you have all the details of the night planned out. Know where you are going, who is going to help you, and make sure to follow a schedule. She may take too long to get ready or you may run into unexpected traffic, but follow your plan and it will be perfect no matter what happens. One last thing, don’t plan too much for after she says Yes; you are going to want some time to enjoy the moment.


Too much can be too sweet. While spoiling your Valentine steer clear of Hallmark classics. If black tie dinners, jumbo-tron announcements and flash mobs aren’t “you”, your effort could come off as oversweet and sappy. Instead, make the proposal heartfelt, original, and true to who you are as a couple.


Upcharges can and will happen. On Valentine’s Day, all of the little love tokens and props can be more expensive! Florist, restaurants, bakeries and chocolatiers can and will capitalize on this holiday. Be sure to account for this increase when you are plotting your budget or skip these items all together (Shameless plug- Pats Peak will not only help you with your plan, but our prices stay the same on Valentine’s Day. *wink*wink*)


Specials aren’t always special. Valentine’s Day may mean that a special item or meal replaces the menu for the holiday. If this is your favorite spot together and you had a particular dish in mind, this might not make the plate. By the way, make your reservations ASAP! Restaurants book up quick!


Ask Becky! Your Valentine’s close friends and family have known her forever and chances are they know what she wants, so ask them! Check out our “Tips For The Guys From The Guys (And The Experts!)”. We have a good list of everything you need to know about proposing to the love of your life! (Trust us, we’ve been there, done that!)


We can help you! We love when folks ask us to help with their special moment here at Pats Peak! We will make sure you are all set up, that she is surprised, and heck, we can even capture the moment for you! A slopeside proposal on Valentine’s Day is perfect for any winter-loving couple. Our trails are in amazing shape and what about a meal at the Sled Pub while listening to the McMurphy’s afterwards?


You can also take some tips from this sweet couple! Proposing on Ellen isn’t possible for everyone. Writing a heartfelt letting to the love of your life is. His letter made us shed a tear.

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