Picking the Perfect Wedding Venue

Starting to look at wedding venues can be daunting with so many choices out there. Make sure you know what to ask but most importantly what you are looking for! This is your big day and your wedding venue should be exactly what you are looking for.

Location Location Location


This isn’t just the number one rule of real estate but the first step in picking your venue. Engaged couples always need to take into consideration where they want their wedding to be. Will this be a destination wedding with a smaller guest list or will the wedding take place closer so more guests can attend? You may have a couple locations that will work so make sure you are looking at venues in those areas.

Guest Count

The next step after you start looking is making sure they can accommodate your expected number of attendees. You don’t want to get your heart set on a venue but it’s too small (or even too large) for your wedding. Take into consideration the minimum number as well (if they have one). If you don’t meet that number they may charge an extra fee.



Now that you have pinpointed out your options, the next step is to look at the style of the venue. Do you want a modern look or do you want a rustic feel? (HINT: Pats Peak is a great rustic mountain venue!) Make sure you can envision your future photos at the venue and it fits your style.

Weather Policy


If you are planning to have an outside ceremony or reception, make sure you know what would happen if the weather doesn’t corporate. Here at Pats Peak, you would have the ceremony in our Oak Room (when your reception is in the Sleigh Room) or in the Valley Room.


When getting information on venues, make sure to also review the food options and policies. Do they allow caterers, what options do they offer, and is there a minimum fee you need to reach? Our food menus can be found here.

Venue Aesthetics

Start looking at the parking availability, handicap capabilities, bridal rooms, and even the amount of outlets. Parking is very important so you can determine if you need to invest in a bus or ask guests to carpool. If you have a guest or if you are handicap, you need to understand how the venue can accommodate those needs. Take a look at the bridal room to see where you will be putting on your final touches of your big day look. Another key element is to see if they have an ample amount of power outlets in the bridal room and the wedding venue.

Booking Your Date

Many couples have a specific month or even day in mind to have their special day. Booking early will help your chances on getting that perfect day or time of year. Don’t forget to ask about the contract and have a complete understanding of the payment schedule!


Remember that this is your day, it should be perfect in every way! Stick to your style as a couple and make sure you always ask any questions you have! Your day is going to be the best day of your life!

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