Our 5 Favorite Wedding Trends in 2014

As this year comes to an end, we are looking back on the best trends we saw here at Pats Peak!



We can’t deny that we absolutely love the rustic theme! It just goes so well with our venue (along with other themes!). There is something about the rustic theme that hits home to us in New Hampshire. We have been known for a more simple living so those simple burlap runners and mason jars vases will always have a special place in our heart!


Rustic and beautiful here at Pats Peak!

Plugged In versus Unplug Us

Brides seemed to either embrace the technological world we live in and tell their guests the hashtag to use during their ceremony and reception or they have wanted to go back to a real face-to-face time and embrace the moment. We are torn on this one, some of us love technology and keep asking for more and others beg for technology to slow down!

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This was a great trend we got to see this year! The chevron pattern looked so nice as runners on our tables. The bride who did this at Pats Peak made all of our staff comment on how great it looked! The pop usually comes from the flowers but we loved how the pattern felt like it textured the entire room!

yellow-chevron-runner-300 il_570xN.311231609

We suggest contacting Kaleena from Kagem Chic Designs for some more design tips!

Dessert Flavors by Season

This was the season of desserts; from multiple cup cake flavors to s’mores, we saw it all! We even had a couple bring in 10 pies with some drool-worthy flavors like blueberry crumble and pecan pie! In the summer we saw lots of lemon flavors and in the fall the s’more bar was being used in full force!


The S’mores bar here at Pats Peak!



Triolos and Jacques are two favorites from our brides! Get more info on our s’mores bar here!


This was the year the men stepped up and took a new take on the traditional boutonniere! Our favorite mix up was when one of our couples used a peacock feather in the mix! Guys put more of their personality in their weddings this year and we hope that trend keeps on for more years to come!



What was your favorite 2014 wedding trend?

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