Tips for the Guys from the Guys (and the experts!)

It’s engagement season! Time for the men to sweat a little bit with the planning and secrets to make her say yes! We have seen some amazing engagements right here at Pats Peak from on our deck overlooking the mountain to rose petals in the snow. We decided the men might need a little extra advice to calm those nerves and pop the question! We did some research, talked to wedding experts like Kaleena Guzman and Chelsea Knapton, and asked the men who have been there!

Tips from the Men (and fiancé’s!):

“Have friends involved with the process. They can help with details that the man doesn’t know. Like the ring and proposal ideas. I picked a day because it was memorable for our relationship. Pick a date or place that has significance. Also, delete any messages regrading the plan!” – Nick D., Chichester, NH

“Nick proposed at what I thought was a final walk through for our house. When I walked in, the house was decorated and my family and friends were there. Get pictures or videos captured the special moment. I got the chance to have both happen and I’ll have those forever now and that means so much to me! ” -Emily S. (Nick’s fiancé)

“Don’t have the girl pick out the ring, you know what she’ll like so trust it. Make sure you propose in a place or an event that has meaning to you both. You also need to make sure it is a surprise. Lastly, it’s always okay to shed a tear!” -Billy A., Weare, NH

Tips from the Experts:

Kaleena Guzman of Kagem Chic Designs

1. Treat her to a manicure!

She’s going to want to show off that ring on Instagram so give her a little extra treat!

2. Capture the moment!

Nothing is sweeter than showing off those engagement photos for years to come!

3. Find her ring size!

Make sure that ring you took months to pick out will fit her perfectly!

Chelsea LoMonaco Pats Peak Banquet Manager (and Newlywed!)

Make sure it is documented, either bring a camera or hire a photographer, luckily for me, my husband brought me to Mount Washington and people around us had cameras and documented it for us!

Stay away from holidays and special events. This day should be just about the two of you and shouldn’t be shared with a birthday or holiday.

Make sure you know if she wants to have her family around or wants to surprise them.

Her friends know what she wants, ask them!

If it’s a surprise try and plan ahead as much as possible, i.e. make sure if you’re going hiking to bring sneakers, jacket or a bathing suit for the beach.

Plan something for afterwards, maybe a dinner with the parents or friends.

Finally, and maybe most importantly, make sure getting married is in both of your plans!

Tips from The Knot

1. Surprise Her

Every little girl dreams about how her prince charming will one day propose to her! In every dream the princess is surprised! So plan out your ideas and go for it!

2. Pick the right Location

The top 3 locations women say they want to be proposed to are on holiday, at the site of your first date, or at a local landmark. Most women don’t want the restaurant proposal and especially don’t run the risk of that ring being swallowed!

3. Ask her about Rings

She’s probably dropped a few subtle (or maybe a little more than subtle). So listen to her and even ask a few questions yourself (without being too obvious, of course!).

4. Balance size with Cut and Color

The bigger the better, right? Wrong, women understand the cost of these sparkling beauties are high and we do dream of a huge rock, however getting a huge diamond without thinking about cut and clarity isn’t the best choice. Try balancing all three and we know she’ll love it!

5. Put a Ring on It

As Queen B has said herself, you need to put a ring on it! Make sure you slide that ring right onto her finger after she says yes! She’ll want to do nothing more than post it on Instagram.

6. Ask the Parents

Asking the parents can be daunting depending on your relationship with them. All they want is their daughter to be happy, so make sure they know that’s all you want as well! Also try asking the mom or sister for a little advice!

7. Go for It!

Do it! Say, “Will you marry me?” That’s what the women want to hear!

Tips from Kids 

The kids got this right! This great video from Tiffany & Co. explains love, gives engagement tips, and even made a little watery eyed!

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