Move to the Beat: Band or DJ?

We are asking you the hard but inevitable question, BAND or DJ at your wedding? Both have admirable qualities that will make your special day a dancing good time but what is the best choice for your wedding?

I need that live music: Band!

One of our favorite qualities about bands are their ability adjust special songs to match the occasion. You are your new partner have a special song that you know is truly your song, but it has a fast tempo! Bands can slow the tempo and redesign this already special song perfectly for your first dance as a married couple.

Nothing gets your guests up and moving like a live performance! The energy and excitement live bands bring to the party is infectious. All of your guests will be up and moving as soon as the band starts to pick up the tempo.

Bands are typically more expensive than DJ’s. That live experience is great but you will have to pay extra for it!

Sometimes bands won’t know or be able to learn the songs you want to play at the wedding. Make sure you find out before booking, that they can and will play those songs your request!

The Dusty Gray Band is a great choice! Their fiddler will have your guest raving about the experience for years to come! Not to mention they a great group of local artists!

DJ’s are artists too!

DJ’s are able to play any song you want even if you don’t request it before hand! They have the capability to have a large system with thousands of songs. Any songs you and your guests want to hear can be done in the moment!

They are less expensive than bands and they are performers in their own right! Many come complete with lights and fun ideas to get your guests up and moving on the dance floor all night!

The DJ’s personality is key to a great night! You have to make sure they have an upbeat personality that matches your guest list! Sometimes a DJ can have a less than thriller personality and can kill the party buzz.

Be careful of techno glitches! Make sure they have a backup plan if their computer turns on them or the power goes out!

We know that DJ Dave Martinez won’t be anything but a stellar choice at your wedding! He is well loved by the Pats Peak staff for always being on top on announcements and keeping the party going all night long!


What will you choose? Band or DJ?


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