Theme Weddings

We have seen our fair share of creative themed weddings here at Pats Peak! With Halloween coming up, we always look forward to seeing what our brides have come up with! Recently, we had this incredible New Orleans themed wedding; It was such modern and imaginative wedding theme we hope we can see again!

We brought in the experts for this one! Kaleena Guzman from KAGEM Chic Designs will be tweeting us some tips and tricks for planning a theme wedding!

Here are some amazing themes we have seen here at Pats Peak


With Halloween right around the corner we are excited to look back on some of the Halloween themed weddings we’ve had here! Do you noticed those candy corns in there? Such a great idea! Our most recent Halloween themed wedding even came with a cake that lit up from Hippie Chick Bakery!

Christmas in July

Who doesn’t love a Christmas themed wedding? Our bride brought a Christmas tree, snowflake place cards, and a candy buffet!


We all know how New Englanders get about their sports! We love our teams and always show our spirit! That’s why some of our awesome couples decided to dedicate their special days to their favorite teams and have a sports themed wedding!

Fall / Autumn

It’s no secret that we love fall themed weddings! From pinecones to our s’mores bar, the fall theme is always a crowd pleaser!

We didn’t have a chance to snap any shots of our other themed weddings but don’t worry we have searched around to give you a look at the inspired ideas!

New Orleans

Recently, we had this amazing New Orleans themed wedding! They put the street signs as the center pieces, had a jazz band, and topped it off with beautiful carousels.


Cinderella & Disney

Every little girl dreams about being Cinderella on her special day, so why not have a Cinderella themed wedding so your real-life prince can sweep you off your feet! We also came across this trending Ariel wedding theme and the photos and ideas were amazing!


Heritage Theme

We have seen several different heritage’s celebrated on our couple’s special day! From a traditional Chinese themed wedding to a modern Scottish theme! No matter where you came from, you can always celebrate your heritage on your special day!

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We still haven’t seen it all though! Here are some other great themed wedding ideas to think about!




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