Fall DIY Decorations

Best Fall DIY

Here at Pats Peak we absolutely love fall weddings! The best part is looking at all the amazing ideas our brides have come up with! We found some more ideas that made out mouths drop and we think all of our brides will absolutely love them!


Leaf Table Assignments

How much cuter and fall-like can you get than leaf table assignments? Living in New England we have access to tons of leaves at this time of year and beautiful colored ones at that! These leaves are eco-friendly, free, and such a great idea!


Helpful Hint: Try pouring a thin layer of clear wax on the leave after you write on them to prevent cracking of dried leaves!

Maple Syrup

Let’s face it; we’re in New Hampshire! We love maple syrup and locally made maple syrup makes our mouths water! We know some great local shops that sell incredible maple syrup! Some even ship so if you aren’t local, you can still taste the best of New Hampshire!


Now, there are so many things you can do with maple syrup! From making candies to drizzling it onto your cupcakes or giving each guest a bottle to take home!

Fall Flowers


Flowers by Sorella Flowers

No fall wedding is complete without pumpkins, gourds, and of course orange, yellow, and red flowers! Our favorite is the red sunflowers! We know that Pats Peak has amazing views and when those leaves change our brides couldn’t be any happier with their photos!


What could be more fall than pinecones? Not only are they rustic looking but they actually are very pretty and even free! We have seen pinecones used in so many ways and we love them all!


First we have the name cardholder, it looks so cute and is so easy to do!


Then, of course we have one of our favorites, we have mentioned this before but it is just so amazing we had to again! The pinecone fire starter! This looks like an amazing decoration but guests can take it home and it really works!

Fall Hair


What bride isn’t complete without their hair done up and looking just like they want? Incorporating the sublet fall ideas into your hair is so cute and we love how it looks! Making a clip with a pine cone and acorns is actually so easy and putting some flowers in with it make it look even better!


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