DIY Wedding Favors to REALLY Thank your Guests!


We know how frustrating finding the perfect wedding favors can be that your guests will not only love but also love you more for thinking of it! Here is a list of some of our favorite DIY ideas that would look GREAT on your table! (Click on photos for instructions)

  1. S’mores Bar Kit


We know how much everyone loves s’mores! This is an easy crowd pleasure that any bride can do even on a budget! (Don’t forget the Pats Peak s’more bar is available too!)

  1. Regional Treats


Regional treats will give your out-of-state guests a taste of the local culture and will allow the locals to remember just how awesome it is where they live! Try some NH made treats like maple candies and chocolate shaped like out beloved Old Man on the Mountain from Granite State Candy Shoppe!

  1. Tea Cup Candle


This is an awesomely easily and beautiful gift! Go to your local thrift shop and purchase old teacups! The crafted cups will add color and style to your décor and your guests will be so impressed!

  1. Pine Cone Fire Starter


This idea will look amazing at any rustic themed wedding! These beautiful fire starters are very clever and they actually work!

  1. Homemade Soda Pop


What could be better than making a soda that fits your tastes, sugar levels, and make your guests love you ever more? Get the kids excited to drink soda pop and their parents excited that it is made with love (or less sugar)!

  1. Carmel Apples


Yum! Carmel apples are easy and look so pretty! You can even make them gourmet by adding some melted chocolate, candies, and nuts!

  1. Trail Mix


The best part of making your own trail mix is you don’t have to put in anything you don’t like! Trail mix is easy, simple, and delicious! Plus, there are usually leftovers, we say bring them on the honeymoon trip!

  1. Dessert In a Jar


Fill mason jars with wedding cake or your dessert of choice and watch your guests dive in! You can even fill them with dessert ingredients if your feeling more creative!

  1. Homemade Lip Balm


This is prefect for Fall weddings! People love lip balm because we’re always losing them! This way you can even make awesome flavors like strawberry champagne or even pumpkin spice to fit your decor!

10. Cookies & Milk


Who doesn’t love a famous Pats Peak cookie? We are offering our brides the option to have the Pats Peak staff take care of their wedding favors! We give each guest will receive a freshly baked homemade Pats Peak cookie dolled up in a to-go bag with an old fashioned paper straw ready for milk!

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