Favorite Fall Wedding Ideas

The air is starting a become crisp and the leaves are starting to change. That means the start of Fall is right around the corner and the autumn colors will be a focal point of many weddings moving forward. We couldn’t be more excited to see all of these Fall wedding ideas!

Bridal Cover-ups and Jackets

From a button-up flannel to a gorgeous knitted sweater, covering up on a cool wedding day will showcase your personal style while keeping you warm all night! You could even wear your favorite leather jacket or incorporate lace shelves.

Taste of the Season

Fall Drinks

We are lucky to live in a state with amazing apple orchards that make the best apple cider. So, it’s no surprise that many of our brides incorporate apple cider bowls, spiked and unspiked, for their guests to enjoy. A hot chocolate bar is another great option that kids and adults will love! The kids can add in peppermint sticks and the adults can head to the bar to add peppermint schnapps!

Fall Desserts

Cranberries, plums, apples, pumpkin, cinnamon, blackberries, all of the best Fall dessert flavors! You can incorporate these flavors in the different layers of your cake or by choosing cupcakes with multiple flavors! One idea we’ve seen that was jam-packed with flavor was a pie bar! They had apple, blueberry, pumpkin, chocolate cream, you name it!

Fall Favors

You can have your guests leaving with the taste of Fall! Some of the best maple syrup is next door to us at the Intervale Farm Pancake House. You could also gift jams or honey, from NH Honey Bee and Apple Hill Farm.

Fall Flowers

Picking the right flowers can take a lot of thought and effort. What color, what smell, what price? It can all be overwhelming at times! That’s why we suggest looking at seasonal flowers, it will be good for your budget and you automatically eliminate choices from your list! Sunflowers, gardenias, and French tulips are some of our favorites we’ve been seeing!


Guide to the Perfect Wedding Dress

Reem Acra, Bridal Fall 2019, New York, October 4 2018

Every women deserves to feel beautiful on their wedding day but not every dress can flatter your shape to its fullest!  Find your perfect dress with our simple tips!

Pear Shaped:

A-lines will flatter your shape the most because of the gradual flare. You might also want to try on dresses with spaghetti-straps and/or a V-neck to show a more slender upper body.


Find a dress that clinches your small point on your waistline that will then flare out into an A-line. Ruche and lace detailing will create a camouflage illusion that will also make a corset effect. You should also look for a deep V-neck.

Hour Glass:

The hourglass shape is what most women are thriving for. No matter what dress type you chose, look for dresses that clinch you at the smallest point in your waist.

Straight & Lean:

Try looking for a ball gown that will clinch you at your natural waist and descend into a full skirt that will camouflage a lack of curves. You can also look for a sheath dress that is cut on the bias that will make you look more hourglass shaped.

Small Chested:

Look for a dress with more fabric on the bodice. The more detailing and fabric up top will make an illusion of curves.


Look for dresses with a scooped or sweetheart neckline that doesn’t show off too much cleavage but avoid straight necklines that would make your bust look bigger.


Empire waists that a skirt that starts right under the bust with an A-line shape will allow you to play up you shape. Avoid pleating in the fabric to avoid the maternity look and possibly add an illusion of more weight.


Look for a more simple embellished dress and silhouette. Make sure all your proportions are correct from your sleeves, waistline, and hemline. If not it may look like you borrowed a dress.


Look for trumpet, sheath, and modified A-line dresses with a high waistline. This will make your legs seem longer.

 There are so many amazing dress in NH shops! 

Modern Bride & Formal Shop

Marry & Tux Bridal

Shopping Tips:

Schedule your wedding dress appointment early in the day to have a better chance of an empty shop and the full attention of your consultant

Make sure you love the top of your dress. The top of your dress will be what people will notice first and will show up in most wedding photos because people take photos from the waist up.

You don’t have to bring an audience when trying on dresses. This day is about you and what you want, don’t let their opinions skew your choice.

Wear a beautiful and perfectly fitted bra while trying on dresses. Not only is it important for fit but also you will feel good looking at a gorgeous bra between dresses.

Ask all the questions you think of! Your consultant is there to find the perfect dress for you, ask them every question you want answered!