REAL WEDDING: Laid-Back and Natural Wedding in New Hampshire

Congratulations to the beautiful newly (re)married couple, Chelsea and Josh Thibeault!

Josh and I met when he started working at a small, family-run store we both had connections to in Greenland, NH. When he joined the Air Force, I realized I couldn’t be without him, and moved to Georgia where he was stationed to be with him. We legally married, alone, in a courthouse there just before his second deployment, and then a year and a few months later, renewed our vows in front of family and friends in a real ceremony at Pats Peak.

Are you ready for some #Pinspiration? Chelsea and Josh had a beautiful laid-back and natural wedding concept.

Bridal Shop

Chelsea bought her gorgeous strapless lace gown at David’s Bridal. Her bridesmaids wore dark blue dresses in a mixture of styles while her maid honors wore beautiful high neck tan colored dresses.


Mr & Mrs Thibeault decided to go off the beaten path and had their wedding flowers purchased at Trader Joe’s. Josh’s mother, Patti, arranged all the bouquets and Chelsea, with the help of family and friends, filled the bottles on the reception tables with the remaining flowers.


Chelsea and Josh were able to purchase a beautiful two-tier wedding cake decorated with sugar flowers and topped with bride and groom deer from Tami’s Specialty Cakes and Baked Goodies ( in Claremont, NH.

Hair & Makeup

The always gorgeous, Peter’s Images Hair Salon and Day Spa in Concord, NH brought out the natural beauty of the bride, Chelsea and her bridal party with hair and makeup.


Everyone was able to dance the night away thanks to the music and excitement from A Goodtime DJ in Salem, NH.


Chelsea & Josh were able to capture each moment of their vow renewal with the help of Shona White and Moose Photography! Shona is an on-location, natural light photographer and a pleasure to work with! I mean, just look at all of these photos!

Engagement and Wedding Ring Insurance

He put a ring on it, now put that ring on your policy! A diamond ring is gorgeous but expensive! After the excitement of the engagement soaks in, it’s time to think about insuring your ring because let’s face it, life happens!

What is ring insurance and how does ring insurance work?

Ring insurance will either give you a cash face value of your engagement ring or replace the ring (possibly at a fraction of the price). That would depend on what type of policy you decide to get. You would have to provide the insurance agency with your proof of purchase receipts and an appraisal from a certified gemologist (before buying the ring make sure the jeweler is associated with a reputable gemologist as well).

I have homeowners or renters insurance so I’m all set, right?

Sort of, homeowners and renters insurance will cover the items in your home but only up to a certain price (ask your insurance agency for more exact answers to your policy). What you would need is an extension policy, also known as a rider for personal property coverage.

Do I have to insure my ring through my homeowner or renters insurance?

No, you can also look at companies that specialize in jewelry insurance. The difference between insuring your ring with a specialized jewelry insurance agency is that you would get a replacement ring instead of the cash value of the ring. Most of the most popular insurance agencies will also have jewelry specific policies so check out all the options with your current providers. TIP: Make sure if you move, you move that insurance policy with you!

What should I ask before choosing a policy?

Well, you want to make sure you read the fine print! What exactly is covered by the policy and what isn’t! Some policies may only cover a stolen ring and not a lost ring. You also need to know what will happen after the ring is lost or stolen. What is the process you need to take and how will you receive the ring or money? You should also ask if the entire value of the ring is covered or only a fraction of the cost. Make sure you read through the policy completely and understand what each side will have to do if and when the ring is gone.

We know that nothing can truly replace your engagement ring but at least you can have some piece of mind having insurance on an item of such value (financially and sentimentally) everyday!

TIP: If your ring ever gets stuck, before ruining the ring (and possibly your finger) try using floss to get your ring off!