Colder Wedding Must Haves

With the weather temperature dropping early during fall wedding season, some brides are nervous about having their perfect wedding in this colder weather. Our New Hampshire foliage and these 10 gorgeous colder weather wedding ideas will make your wedding everything you’ve wanted!

1. Caramel Apple Bar

Who doesn’t love caramel apples? You can purchase decadent caramel apples dipped in chocolate from Van Otis Chocolates right here in New Hampshire! Another idea is to have a bar setup with fresh apples, caramel, chocolate, and all your favorite candies!

2. Hot Chocolate Bar

Nothing beats hot chocolate on a cool Autumn day, so how about incorporating that into your wedding? You could have different hot chocolate flavors, marshmallows, and candy canes! You could even add an option at the bar to have a little Kalua or Amaretto for the adults.

3. S’mores Bar

These are always a big hit at any wedding! Give your guests the warmth of a freshly roasted marshmallow! You can even have different chocolate candy choices to pair it with. We offer a s’mores bar with all the fixings, just look!

4. Apple Cider

We found these adorable cored apples with fresh apple cider and cinnamon sticks! This could also be delicious with some Fireball whiskey! Here at Pats Peak, we offer a warm cider bowl for adults and kids!

5. Maple Syrup

Nothing says New Hampshire more than maple syrup! You could even have a waffle bar with fresh fruit and whipped cream!

6. Autumn Colors

The Knot has compiled a list of the 12 Fall Wedding Colors to Steal! This eggplant, lavender, white, iris, & fern combination is our favorite this season!

7. Complementary Coats

We know you spent hours picking out your gorgeous gown but pair it with the perfect coat for beautiful photos!

8. A Touch of Nature

Use nature in your decorations for a rustic look that warms up the room and atmosphere!

9. The Cake

Everything from the birch styled cake to naked cakes! This gorgeous cake is from Jacques Pastries here in New Hampshire!

10. Keeping a Memory

If it happens to rain or snow on your wedding day, take a vial of the water and place it in an ornament to hang in your home as a married couple!


Best Man Responsibilties

So your best friend is getting married, he asks you to be his best man. Is that just a title? What do I need to do to be a “Best Man”? Am I now Kevin Hart in Wedding Ringer?


Here is everything you should know about being the best Best Man:

Plan an Epic Bachelor Party

This is one of your first responsibilities. You need to not only throw an epic Bachelor Party, but you need to make sure it is the party the groom wants. Not everyone is excited to hit the Las Vegas Strip, sometimes keeping it low key is exactly what your friend needs.

Some alternatives to Vegas:

  1. A ski trip to an end in the pub! You can spend the day skiing and riding (right here at our NH slopes!) then end the day in the pub (we have an amazing staff at the Sled Pub and live music on Friday and Saturday!).
  2. Racing cars can be a perfect thrill. New Hampshire Motor Speedway hold a true NASCAR Experience or you could head down to Massachusetts to F1 Boston to race in a Formula 1 car.
  3. Video games can be a perfectly relaxing day for the groom. Even if you don’t have a video game system, you can call Rolling Video Games of NH to come to your house with everything you need! Then you can order in some tasty treats for the food and call it a party.
  4. Road trip the weekend. Grab the groom and a few good friends and spend the weekend traveling around your area to find the best beaches or the greatest BBQ.

Pay Attention before the Wedding

You need to listen to not only the groom but the bride as well. Know when the suit fittings will be and make sure the rest of the groomsmen are aware they need to be there and will be there.

Know the timing of the ceremony by listening at the rehearsal. Make sure you know what needs to happen on the day and when, just in case!

Write the Best Speech

Thanks to The Knot, the have created the Best Man Speech Outline

  • Have a killer opening line.
  • Thank the other speakers.
  • Congratulate the wedding couple.
  • Compliment the bride.
  • Make a joke about the groom.
  • Read messages from guests who couldn’t make it, if there are any.
  • Quote a few famous lines or a poem.
  • Propose a toast.

Have Fun!

Weddings should always be fun, so make sure to have fun yourself!