The Year of Living Coral

Pantone crowned, Living Coral as the color for 2019! This gorgeous shade of pink can make your wedding pop! Let’s look at how to use the color of the year at your wedding!

Creating the perfect pallet

The first thing we want to do is look at all of the wedding color pallet ideas. This allows you to pick colors that will harmonize with the living coral color and complement the overall aesthetics of your wedding decor.

Neutral Colors

By using neutral colors, the living coral color is going to pop! It will be the center of attention, besides you and your fiance of course, within all of your decorations.


To create a high contrasting and vibrant look, a complementary color scheme, opposites on the color wheel, will be the best route! Just be careful, too much saturation can be jarring!


To create a peaceful and harmonizing feel to your wedding, choose colors next to one another on the color wheel.


Triadic color schemes are like taking the best of both worlds in complementary and analogous, you get the peaceful feel but with a vibrant exponent as well. These colors are evenly spaced from one another on the color wheel in a triangle shape.


Split-complementary colors schemes take the jarring out of the equation for complimentary. You still get a vibrant look but the contracts are slightly lower. Choose the living coral as your base and two adjacent colors on the color wheel.


If you want to include more than 3 colors, make sure to have a good balance between warm and cool colors. Using the tetradic color schemes, you use the living coral as your base color and make a square around the color wheel for the other three.