Beat the Heat on your Wedding Day

If your wedding is planned to be in the midst of the summer months, it’s important to keep in mind ways for you and your guests to stay cool. From your outdoor ceremony to dancing all night long, we want everyone safe and prevent any overheating!


The hottest time of day is around 3:00 pm in the summertime, to avoid this, schedule an evening ceremony for a gorgeous sunset wedding.

Hose it down! Take a hose to any concrete, stone, or brick walking areas to cool it down.

Keep the ceremony quick and simple, no more than 30 minutes. At least while you’re outside, you can always bring readings into the air-conditioned reception area!

Water stations! This adorable station even has wedding programs transformed into fans and cute parasols to keep everyone cool and hydrated.

Wedding Day Look

Buy a dress in breathable fabrics! The fabrics that will keep you cooler are chiffon, natural silk dupion, organza, and tulle.

Beware of SPF! It may sound crazy but SPF on can make your face look very pale in photos so make sure to try out your SPF foundation in a quick photo shoot before your wedding day!

Guest dress codes should also be breathable! Tell your guests to dress in light cotton shirts, sundresses, and even to bring a sunhat!

Food and Drink

Keep the water flowing throughout the reception! Even after it cools off, the dancing will call for lots of water!

Include frozen treats. Think about a popsicle, Hawaiian Ice, or ice cream station!

A signature iced drink. Ask the bar if they can create your favorite adult iced beverage. Think about a twist on your favorite beverages like a spiked punch, blueberry lemonade, or something more creative like a spiked sherbert!


Eco-Friendly Wedding Ideas

Many of us have become eco-conscientious over the years and for a good reason. According to research, New Hampshire is the 9th most eco-friendly state but our two neighbors Vermont and Massachusetts are numbers 1 and 2 on that list respectively.

How can you stay eco-friendly? Let’s start with…

The Dress

Wearing a wedding dress for the first time can feel unreal, after all of those childhood wedding dreams it is finally becoming a reality! Many brides do have a problem with only being able to wear their wedding dress once then off to a sealed bag for the remainder of its life. Instead, try these options:

Wearing mom’s/grandma’s/auntie’s dress. This could be the same for any special person in your life. If you don’t love the dress exactly as it is, ask for a local seamstress to help modify the dress to your wants.

Renting a dress. Now, this option is becoming more popular as wedding dress prices have increased over the years. Look at a site like:– Buy direct from other brides selling their gowns.

Buying from an eco-friendly designer. You can use a local designer or shop at up and coming sustainable designer Reformation.

The Invitations

Use recycled paper. Now, this is a must for an eco-friendly person but keep in mind that not only the paper should be recycled, but you could have a drop box at the wedding for those invitations.

Use seed paper. Everything from your save the dates to thank you cards can be made with seed paper from Bloomin.

At Bloomin our Seed Paper is made by hand in Boulder, CO. We take un-dyed, 100% post-consumer/ post-industrial recycled paper, break it down into paper pulp that started as FSC paper. We use old-school paper making techniques and handmade molds and deckles to handcraft each sheet. Bloomin Paper is packed with flower, vegetable, herb, grass, tree and many other varieties of seeds. Its easy to grow and cultivate! For consumers who receive seed paper, just soak the paper in water, plant under a thin layer of soil, and watch our seed paper take root and sprout in a few short days!

The Night

Make sure the flowers are organic. Ask your florist for all organic flowers that are in season.

Team up with another bride to share all decorations. This can be tricky since you both have to compromise, but you can help save the environment and costs with this option!

Post-Wedding Checklist

Now that you’ve enjoyed the excitement of your wedding day, you still have a few more tasks to complete but it will all be worth it! The first one “Save the Cake” needs to be done before you leave for your honeymoon but the others will be on your “to do list” once you return.

Save the Cake


Now, you might not think this is a priority to do right away but the cake will go bad if it is not properly stored in your freezer as quickly as possible. Follow these steps to preserving your cake:

  1. Remove decorative trimmings
  2. Make sure to chill the cake before wrapping it so the frosting hardens. This prevents the frosting to stick to the plastic wrap and can help hold in the moisture of the cake.
  3. Wrap the cake in several layers of plastic wrap.
  4. Seal the wrapped cake in an airtight bag and label it.
  5. Note that some cake freezes better than others, so you can try ordering a cake from the same bakery for your anniversary instead.

Send out Thank You Notes

We know that writing up those cards can seem like tedious work. However, this is such an important factor to remember to do. Your guests were there for you on your big day so remember to thank them for coming and those awesome gifts from your wedding registry! 


Legally Change your Name

We know that right after the wedding you will make it Facebook official, but you should also make it legal as well. If you are taking your honeymoon directly after your wedding, do not change your name until you get back. The process takes about 4-6 weeks.

  1. Apply for a new Social Security Card. Please see the Social Security Administration’s website for more information. You need to do this first before changing any other documents.
  2. Change your License. Head on over to the DMV and bring all forms of identification with you including your marriage license and new Social Security Card.
  3. Now, since you have two forms of identification you can change the remaining documents: Bank accounts, credit cards, insurance, licenses, passport, investments, tax forms, and any other official documents containing your old last name.

Get the Dress Cleaned & Preserved

This is best to be done within the first weeks after you get married. (Always keep the dress in a dark and dry atmosphere until it is properly preserved.) You will want to ask your fabulous dress shop for recommendations for someone that specializes in cleaning and/or preserving the dress (usually they are one in the same). Even after you have your gorgeous dress perfectly cleaned and preserved, you want to find a dry and warm room with no direct sunlight to store it in.

Wedding Photos

Of course, you can’t forget to order your photo album and any extra prints (like it would be possible to forget!) of your special day. Make sure when you two sit down to choose the photos you have upwards of 5 hours to spend picking out your favorites. Remember, your wedding photographer took hundreds to thousands of photos that day and you would want to check them all out!

Reviewing Vendors

Don’t forget to take a few minutes to help other brides decide to use the vendors that helped you every step of the way on your wedding day. A nice and short Facebook, The Knot and Wedding Wire review will go a long way to help those that helped you!

After you complete your Post-Wedding Checklist, you take some time to get adjusted into your new married life! Congratulations!

A Guide to the Perfect Recycled Wedding

You’re planning your dream wedding! It’s mostly exciting but sometimes it can be frustrating. Let’s talk about decorations, we all love finding the perfect table settings for our personalities and theme. But when you finally have your heart set on an idea, many are hit with the realization that either it will cost a small fortune and/or what in the world will we do with 25 little bird cages after the big day?

After this realization, most think you only have two options: either do it or don’t. However, you actually have more options than that! Start thinking about the idea of a recycled wedding!

wedding recycle

During the wedding planning phase, you are in the midst of several wedding events like bridal shows, cake tastings, menu tastings, and sometimes your group of friends are all getting married within a few years or even months of each other!

The first step is to find a group of brides in your area. Ask your venue about bridal events they have or are attending. This is the perfect way to mingle with other brides and find people with similar tastes that are also interested in saving some money! Don’t forget to include your friends and family that are planning weddings or even have decorations from their weddings.

Once your group is all onboard, you can sit down with your dream decoration ideas. Look at what items could be used in each idea. Take these candles for example, they were the same candles used at different weddings!

The best way to start after forming your group would be to purchase a few sample decorations (a couple candles, bird cages, tea cups, etc.) and setup a table using these items in several different ways. Take photos and post them on a shared Pinterest board for everyone to see. This will help with inspiration!

To be a little more cost effective, you can even use EBay and Tradesy to purchase gently used items. Afterwards, you could even sell them to make a little money back! Start planning and send us your ideas, we’d love to feature them in this blog!